Monday, December 29, 2008

The 2nd Annual Freakin' Xmas Party KICKED ASS!!

OK, OK, I know it was over a week ago. If it isn't one thing it's another, and lately my RL job has been keeping me busy as hell. I've been spending what time I do have inworld, and have neglected nearly everything else. Anyways, I figured I'd better post the contest results before I completely space it.

The party itself was an insane success!! Killer tunes all day, including another DJ Battle, followed by 3 hours of my Freaky Xmas tunes. We decided on hourly contests this time around, and that worked out really well!!

Ridin' the RAILS
1. Marissa Fredriksson
2. Rhyanna Saphir
3. Rohan Ayres

Go Green!
1. Bloot Burnstein
2. AllieKatt Knipper
3. Dixiecupp Denimore

1. Jimmal65 Drevnerussky
2. Rhyanna Saphir
3. Bloot Burnstein

Animal Instinct
1. Bloot Burnstein
2. Rhyanna Saphir
3. Victoria Lachman

In the Wind
1. AllieKatt Knipper
2. Lissa Freenote
3. Rhyanna Saphir

1. AllieKatt Knipper
2. Jimmal65 Drevnerussky
3. Dixiecupp Denimore

1. Jimmal65 Drevnerussky
2. Apolline Boucher
3. Sly Nirpaw

1. Bloot Burnstein
2. EYEkon Burner
3. Ellari Burner

And, of course, the DJ Battle!!
1. Marvel Kit
2. Sly Nirpaw
3. Guenevere DeCuir

Sunday, December 14, 2008

2nd Annual Freakin' Xmas Party 12/20

Wow! Talk about time flying.....seems like Halloween was only yesterday! Of course, I could have been trapped in some sort of a timewarp......
Anyways, it's time for the Freakin' Xmas Party!! Those of you who attended the last one know that it's THE party to attend! Once again, we're kicking it off with a performance by The RAILS, live from Toronto at 11AM SLT. Then from 12-5PM we're gonna steal a page from our Halloween party and do another DJ battle! We'll have the best Rock DJs in SL swapping the stream to bring you the Freakiest Xmas set ever! Following the DJ battle I'm going to spin a special Metallic Xmas edition of the Saturday Shred from 5-8PM. I know I have Freaky Xmas tunes nobody else does, and I have to uphold my reputation as the Freakiest DJ in SL! We're also going to try something new: Hourly contests. That's right, we're going to have a new contest every hour, so make sure your inventory is organized!! Prizes will start at L$1000 and grow from there, so bring everyone you can think of!

In other Freaky news, we have 2 DJs making their Freakheim debut on Monday, Meka Chaffe will bring you her view of the Rock world 4-6PM, and Aplonis Ember will spin his eclectic set 6-8PM. Looks like Mondays will suck a whole lot less from now on, in fact Monday night's gonna be rockin!! Cyden picked up Wednesday 1-3PM, so now your Freaky Humpingday can last even longer. And Sly Nirpaw is going to spin on the Sundays Guen is out so your partying will no longer have a bi-weekly interruption.

RL is slowly losing its grip on me, and I may actually be able to be inworld more than once in a while. I ended up missing the Shred yesterday due to a RL obligation, but Sly filled in and kicked ass!! Hopefully I won't miss any sets this week......I live to rock your 2L!!!!


Thought I'd share a pic Kaedy snapped over on our private beach Saturday afternoon. Seems a couple of our new Freaks had to make sure they were Freaky enuff for us and engaged in a little snow shaggin'!

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Bears are back in town!!!

Heyas!!! Yeah, I know, been a while since I posted. Damn RL has me tied in knots, but I've been doing my best to keep the best music in SL streaming from Freakheim!! There's a few news items that I have to share though, so I figured an quick update post would be in order. First of all, the sim has changed owners (Kaedy & I officially bought it) and we changed the name of the sim to Freakheim. Easy to remember, right?

And now for the news the title alludes to: Yes, the Bears are back at Freakheim!! Trident & Bailey Runningbear bring a set of killer tunes & nonstop naughty fun to your Sunday from 1-3Pm SLT. Trident was one of the original Freakheim DJs and I'm glad to have him back. And to make it even better, Bailey has taken up DJing too. They swap off DJ/Host roles every half hour or so, and this past Sunday's set was kickass!! Make sure you put this show on your SL calendar, it's guaranteed good tunes & naughty fun!!

Sly Nirpaw has been Djing more & more lately, filling in when RL takes folks away. I still have yet to nail him to a solid timeslot, but if ya ever get a notice he's spinning, get your Freaky asses in here! He covered the Shred this past Saturday, and I couldn't tear myself away.

Cyden Nightfire has joined the Friday night fun, following up the Freakshow from 8-10PM with a set of seriously awesome tuneage. He has my love for classic rock, and this past Friday saw some killer 70s tunes mixed in. I stayed for the whole set, it was that great!! Way past coffin time, but you know how I am about music!

The 2nd Annual Freakin' Xmas Party is scheduled for 20 December, kicking off with TheRAILS live from Toronto at 11AM, Oz's Freaky DJ Battle from 12-5PM with hourly contests, and finishing off with a special Holiday edition of the Shred from 5-7. Fill your coolers, make some snacks, and prepare to spend the day at Freakheim!!

I'll try to get another post in soon, just wanted to let you all know that I am undead & well and have killer tunes on the way!!