Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lotsa Freaky Goodness going on!

OK, I admit, it's been 2 weeks. RL has had me slammed to the wall, and what free time I do have I've spent inworld rocking your asses off!! There's a bunch of good news, tho! Freakheim has added 3 new DJs since I last blogged: Troy Kaminski is on Saturday 11AM-1PM SLT, Tristan Micheline is on Sunday 5-7PM SLT, And TWISTMY Gears has just been added to Wednesday 3-5PM SLT! Make sure you mark your calendars to come out and give these folks a listen! I've known Troy for over a year, and though he's new to DJing, he definitely knows his music inside & out! His sets are a perfect way to start off your Freakin' Saturday! Tristan is a DJ I've had the pleasure of knowing since shortly after I got inworld. One of the most versatile in SL, she brings her hard-rockin' side to Freakheim every Sunday to make sure your weekend goes out with a bang! I met Twist while doing my Freakshow at another venue, and she's another seriously rockin' gal who will provide a killer soundtrack to your Humpingday.

DJ Ishi has added Tuesday 4-6, and has brough on Yasayuki Kattun as her host for both of her sets. Yasa has a way with words, and her event notices are the best I've ever seen! Make sure you catch these two in action, it's always a kickass time! We also have some new hosts in addition to Yasa: Lacey Peterson is hosting for Tristan on Sundays, Kear Kuhn is hosting her RL hubby JSD on Tuesday 6-8, Lissa Freenote hosts Troy Kaminski on Saturdays, and Shay Hax has joined the staff as a fill-in host until she gets a permanent slot. LadyStar is on her way back to the USA, so Kear and Kayleyna will be covering her slots until she's back in action.

Traffic all over SL has been down these past couple of weeks, so it's very important that all you Freaks make an effort to drop by the sets and show some Linden Lovin' to our hardworking, hard-rockin' staff!! Due to RL commitments, my personal DJ schedule will be cut back for the next 3 weeks or so. I'll still be in & around, but doing way fewer sets. Fear not, I'll be back and Freakier than ever as soon as I get things taken care of.

And, last but not least, I finally got the Halloween pix posted. There's a link to the Freakheim flickr page over there on the right. Head on over & check them out. I was able to upload them full-size, so you can download the original size in full detail!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Freakheim Halloween Bash 2008

I'm at a loss for words. Seriously. This past Friday & Saturday absolutely kicked ass!! Attendance was through the roof, far exceeding my expectations. And the music....what can I say....the music was the Freakiest, Rockinest music in all of the grid. Speaking of the grid, I have to mention that the Gridwide Pumpkin Hunt definitely brought in some new patrons. We added more folks to BoF this past weekend than we have any other weekend! I still haven't gone through the pix, but there are so many I may have to post them on a Flickr page. The contests were well participated in, and yes, I did my usual doubling when we got the pages filled. All in all, we handed out over L$ 40,000 in prizes over the weekend. And at times, we had the biggest crowd of any Rock club on the grid. Obviously, prizes will return to normal levels this week, but now everyone knows how seriously Freaks take their celebrations!! Here's a rundown of the contest winners:


1.Yasayuki Kattun
2. Torrent Straaf
3. Dixiecupp Denimore

1. Ishimaru Kohime
2. Vanphoenix Rau
3. Apolline Boucher

1. Torrent Straaf
2. Kayleyna Moonites
3. Yasayuki Kattun


Costume Party
1. Lissa Freenote
2. Bloot Burnstein
3. Jondee Wemyss

1. AllieKatt Knipper
2. Fluffy Kitty
3. Bloot Burnstein

1. AllieKatt Knipper
2. Jodi Morane
3. Apolline Boucher

And, of course, the DJ Battle!
1. Guenevere DeCuir
2. UCBlack Legion
3. Troy Kaminski

Thanks to everyone who participated, either by working this weekend, dressing up for the contests, TPing in friends, etc.!