Thursday, October 29, 2009

3rd Annual Freakin' Halloween Bash

OK, OK, I know I was gonna post this like a week ago or something....I just never seem to have enough hours in my day anymore. Never fear, my Freakies, even though I haven't posted, the 3rd Annual Freakin' Halloween Bash preparations have been underway, and we plan to top last year's attendance!! Just so you can get that last-minute shopping in, or at least plan your day, here are the contests and times:

11AM-1PM DJ Darien Kazakov: Best Neko/Furry. Kinda think of this as a Pet Sematary event...all critters are welcome, but zombie Furries would be over the top!

1PM-5PM Freakin' DJ Battle featuring Sly Nirpaw, Ozark Hax, Inked Jewell, Ishimaru Kohime & Troy Kaminski

Contests will be hourly, more chances to win!

1-2PM Scary Monsters: Time to show your ugly side and let the monster out!

2-3PM Great Pumpkin: Halloween colors, black & orange!

3-4PM Witches & Warlocks: Time to get that pointed hat out & grab your wand!

4-5PM Freakiest Outfit: Now it's time to see who the REAL Freaks are!!

5-6PM Live music performed by The RAILS with a "Come-as-you-are" contest! Yes, everyday looks are welcome, but if you spent a lot of time preparing for an earlier contest & didn't win, now you get another chance!!

6-8PM Symphonic Metal Saturday Shred with The Freak Magnet! One last chance to win, we're having a Formal Masquerade Ball!! Slip into your finest formalwear & grab one of those fancy'll never waltz the same again!!

All contest prizes will be much larger than normal, if you've ever been to one of our bashes you know what I mean...prizes will be to the top 3 in all categories.

During the DJ Battle, vote for your favorite DJ, the top 3 will also get a killer prize!!

See you Saturday!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yes, I'm Still Undead

Crap, I just realized that I haven't posted since the Weird one went to go dance for Elvis. I'm still undead & Freaky, but fighting the vortex of RL. Damn weather has put me behind in several projects, and so I'm scrambling to catch up, as well as keep up with current tasks.

Meanwhile back at the Funeral Home, we've been kickin' it out as Freaky as ever! A whole slew of live acts have been booked, many of whom haven't played FFH before. As you all know, I live for music, and rarely get the chance to go hear musicians anymore... good thing I own a venue! Stay tuned for even more killer live music as I'm always looking for unique sounds!

In DJ news, Sabriel Azalee has made it back from RL and is kicking off Sundays from 11-1. She spins an amazingly eclectic set, you have to hear it for yourself! Vanguard Alter has taken over the Tuesday 2-4PM, I've known him a couple years and am glad to welcome him to the Freaky Family! Inked Jewell has returned to Fridays 12-2PM, there's no better way to kick off your weekend!! And finally, TWISTMY Gears has picked up the 2-4 on Fridays, giving you a second chance to let her rock you!!

And, of course, it's October...I know it's always Halloweenie at Freakheim, but those of you who have been around a while know that Halloween is the biggest Freakin' bash of the year for us. The RAILS will play for their 3rd straight Halloween, which has to be some kinda SL record. We'll be having a DJ battle from 1-5PM with hourly contests as usual, I'll be posting the list shortly so you can start shopping. The RAILS will play at 5PM, then I'll be having a Masquerade Ball for the Shred from 6-8PM. I may even do a Symphonic set, I haven't done one of those in ages. Prizes will be Halloween sized as well, so plan to spend the whole day with us!!