Sunday, March 15, 2009

L$ 75,000!!!!

Yesterday was the kickoff for Relay for Life 2009. Freakheim is part of the Spinners for Life relay team, and we hosted an all-day bash at the Funeral Home. By the time I logged off last night, we had raised L$75,000 from the kiosk in the club alone. When I popped in this morning, I noticed that the team total was over L$96,000, thanks to the generous support from the patrons of Lounge of Dreams and other locations. I'd like to offer my sincere thanks to all of you for supporting Relay, and for the tremendous kickoff we had!!

This year, the Spinners for Life HQ building is on the Freakheim sim, just before you get to Frankenlust Holiday Shoppe. Pop in and check the message board for upcoming Spinners events. There is also an option to subscribe to event notices without having to join the group. Relay lasts a little over 4 months, and we will continue to have fund-raising events throughout that time. If you happen to find yourself with some spare L$ in you pocket, please consider donating it through any of the convenient kiosks gridwide. Every little bit does help, even L$1.

In 2008, Spinners raised L$418,000 and we plan to exceed that this year. This cause is near & dear to me personally, and I know it is to many of you, too. Thank you!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Yep....we hit that magic number last weekend!! Our little Band of Freaks is growing steadily, as more folks find out about the Freakiest little underground club inworld. Attendance has been great lately, and this month we're participating in the Twisted Hunt, so more folks are gonna be wandering in & out and hopefully staying for the party!! We have a few new Staff members, so make sure you come on down & give them a Freaky welcome!! Coming up this Saturday is more LIVE Blues from Kelvinblue Oh. If you haven't heard this fantastic artist, make sure you come & give him a listen!! We've moved the set back to 5PM SLT so it's more convenient, and I'll be spinning afterward. I'll try to post again soon, RL has me all wrapped up these days and when I do have free time, I'm inworld rockin your asses!!! Be Freaky!!!