Monday, November 1, 2010

Going out with a bang

It's been said many times in show business that you should go out with a bang, and that we did. Freakatorium hosted a Halloween week full of scheduled events that culminated in a true Freak Halloween bash, complete with DJ Battle and guest DJs. On the night of Halloween itself, we decided to close down.

Those of you who are long-time Freaks remember how it all started, Kaedy & I would host grand parties on our island every now & then so we could feature the best music in SL without being constrained by club rules. Eventually that morphed into Freakheim, a club that focused on the music, with a mission to showcase the world's widest array of DJs and interpreted "rock" very broadly.

When RL got the best of me and forced me to close Freakheim, some of my awesome, long-time Staff decided to open Freakatorium to keep the music playing. In spite of our best efforts, the decision was made to close down and go on hiatus. The Freak brand is very dear to me, and I realized that in order to ensure that music takes center stage, I needed to be involved in a much greater capacity than I had time for.

I'd like to publicly thank Ishi, Rhyanna, Zak, Phedre & Oz for all their efforts. Freakatorium got off to a great start, and things were rolling along until RL began taking its toll once again. Between family commitments, computer malfunctions, and the general stress of running a club, the fun began slipping away. I made the decision to quit while we were ahead, and put the Freak club on hiatus until I am able to commit to running a club again.

The Band of Freaks started out as my personal Group, and will return to that. I'll be playing here & there on the grid, so keep an eye out for announcements. We will also be having the usual major parties, just like in the old days. We're planning something for Thanksgiving week, and of course the Freakin' Xmas Bash. I do plan to reopen Freakheim at some point in the future, in the meantime make sure you keep tabs on your favorite Freakin' DJs and go hear them wherever they may be playing!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Change of Seasons, A Change of Venue

Most of you have discovered by now that Freakheim Funeral Home has closed. The good news is, the music lives on at the Freakatorium, make sure you look for it and come & check it out!! My RL has gotten incredibly busy lately, and I no longer have the time necessary to operate a venue. Freakheim was a big part of me, a means for me to spread my musical message and showcase all those DJs who might not otherwise have a place to play. Having to close down weighed heavily on my heart, but I didn't have a choice.

The good news is, a lot of people felt the same way, and took it upon themselves to open a venue so the Freaky good times could continue. I'm helping a bit from the background, and I'll play there once a week or so. The best news is, the music will continue, and the Freaks still have a home. The Freakatorium opened this past Monday, and they have their own blog, so this one will become a place for me to talk about music in general and highlight the new bands I've found.

I'll link to the Freakatorium blog over there on the side, and you can link from there to their events calendar as well. Ishi, Phedre, Oz & Zak have taken the reins and promise to continue to bring you the best in music, the Freakiest convos, and the best time to be had in SL. Even RL can't stop the Freakiness!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Be a goat.

Saw a news clip on Yahoo yesterday about a 12-year-old boy in Texas being given an indefinite in-school suspension for having long hair. WTF is this crap? Can we please remove all the narrow-minded bassackwards people from positions of authority? This should have been settled 35 years ago when I went through it. Attacks on individuality are unAmerican. The boy's mother makes the statement that her son should be allowed to wear long hair because girls are allowed. The proper argument is that girls are allowed to wear theirs any way they like. I have never heard of a girl receiving discipline for having a crewcut. Sexual stereotyping is ILLEGAL, and violates our rights as individuals. I realize that the whole point of a government "education" system is to churn out good little subjects (sheep), who are afraid to express individuality. Beaten into submission so that they are easily controlled. We need to stand behind everyone who dares express an individual thought, rebels against the "norm", and otherwise refuses to be a sheep. The kid in the story is a budding metalhead....awesome!! I refer to those of us who continually question authority and bullheadedly refuse to subordinate our individuality as "goats". Be a goat. It is our individuality that differentiates humans from every other species. Any institution that attempts to strip us of our individuality and mold us to their ideal needs to be eliminated.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


We had the band [Engrama] play Freakheim for the first time this past Saturday, and all I can say is WOW!!! They're a duo based in Spain, featuring a guitar & drums, and they don't use any backing's all LIVE!! Not only are their original tunes superb, they also do a few covers and truly make them their own!! It was an amazing hour that went by all too quickly. If you missed it this past weekend, make sure you catch their set next time they play!!

Most of you know that I absolutely live for music, and I hear an average of ten new bands a week. I'm always looking for something with artistic novelty, something that absolutely melts my mind...and [Engrama] definitely did that! Superb musicianship, vocals that bordered on ethereal, and a unique sound!! I'm looking forward to having them here again as soon as I can, and I encourage you to look for them and check them out for yourself.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Shortage of Idiots

Whether RL or SL, there is an abundance of idiocy. The following exchange occurred recently, so let me provide some backing details. The only people involved are me and the person with whom I was disagreeing. His name has been changed, just because it was funny to do so. Ian came up with the pseudonym, and it fits.

As you've probably noticed, SL clubs come and go almost daily. Freakheim has been around over two years, and continues to grow. We have a dedicated Staff and a group of core patrons who feel at home, welcome and accepted. Of course, the primary attraction is the music, which is the number one priority, and the thing that makes Freakheim what it is.

When you decide to open a venue, the hardest thing to do is advertise and attract patrons. One way to do it as a DJ is to make the rounds of as many SL clubs as you can, put on a memorable show, and gather fans. There are hundreds of thousands of DJs in SL, but very few good ones. Freakheim has always prided itself in having only the best DJs, ones who have something to say musically and can connect with the listeners.

Some folks, however, don't feel like investing the time and effort required to build a fan base. Their way of recruiting patrons is to go into the groups they belong to and send out VIP invitations to their club. Often they will target Staff members at other clubs, since they also need to have DJs and hosts. Just such an incident happened this past Friday, and two of my Staff members received invites to a VIP group from a person they did not know. When IMed, the person stated that he had opened a club and was recruiting VIPs.

This person had been in the Freakheim VIP group for a couple of years, but has been in the club only twice that I know of. The last time was more than a year ago. I first met him when I managed another club. I hired him as a DJ, but he turned out to be a complete flake. He would agree to play a set then simply not show up. He never indicated that he had changed his mind, and I would confirm dates and times with him the day before a scheduled set. Evidently he decided that honoring this sort of personal commitment was beneath him. He was removed from the roster, and we spoke maybe once or twice over the next year. The last time he was at Freakehim, he made a point of requesting music that was off-genre for the theme, and was basically a wiseass. Frankly, I had forgotten all about him, and figured that he had left SL or rebirthed himself. The following is a transcript of an IM conversation we had when I logged in and ejected him from the group:

[17:00] MrKotShot: oooh ?
[17:01] Rykk Ferraris: You don't get to use my group to promote any other club. Period.
[17:01] MrKotShot: excuse me ?
[17:02] MrKotShot: now pls explain
[17:03] Rykk Ferraris: I had 2 people tell me you were in my Band of Freaks group promoting another venue.
[17:04] MrKotShot: nah we changed venue, i was adding VIP's
[17:04] MrKotShot: OMFG
[17:04] MrKotShot: oooh well nm
[17:05] MrKotShot: how the hell wld i use ur group ?
[17:06] MrKotShot: nm tho if ur paranoid about it
[17:06] Rykk Ferraris: Most likely by accidentally posting in the wrong window.
[17:06] MrKotShot: i have not been in ur group
[17:07] MrKotShot: i may have added ppl thet have been in same group
[17:08] MrKotShot: they were VIP's here so i re added
[17:08] MrKotShot: get over it
[17:08] Rykk Ferraris: Fuck off
[17:08] MrKotShot: u fukin dickhead LOL
[17:09] Rykk Ferraris: And damn proud of it.
[17:09] MrKotShot: good an ur shit music collection
[17:09] Rykk Ferraris: are an imbecile.....
[17:10] MrKotShot: yes with 1 million + songs
[17:10] MrKotShot: try n match it
[17:13] MrKotShot: i dunno what ur prob is really i added some ppl from an old group to a NEW one, but hey if it really upsets you, look in ur group chat
[17:15] Rykk Ferraris: My prob is people who use my group to promote themselves or another venue. If you disagree, tough. My group, my rules.
[17:16] MrKotShot: obviously u don't read too well
[17:16] MrKotShot: try spec savers
[17:17] MrKotShot: give me a date n time i was last in ur group, or do u want me to find it ?
[17:18] MrKotShot: u really need a reality check
[17:21] MrKotShot: didn't know it was a crime to add old friends to a group, but nm
[17:21] Rykk Ferraris: This is SL. Reality has no place here
[17:21] MrKotShot: OMG
[17:21] MrKotShot: u sad bastard
[17:22] Rykk Ferraris: ROFL
[17:23] MrKotShot: i guess ur ego outdoes ur music collection
[17:24] MrKotShot: sad thing is......... i considered u a friend once

An excerpt from this conversation is now immortalized on the back wall of the club. Whether you agree with his methods or not, it does show that some people are bold beyond words, and evidently have no shame. Once I had him dead-to-rights, he proceeded to personal insults and disparaging my music collection...of which he knows nothing. By this point, I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe...and he kept have to wonder, if this is how he treats those he considers friends, how does he treat his enemies? Griefer attacks?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Freaky 4th of July!!

Well, as always, we had a killer weekend, complete with live music, awesome DJs, free beer & fireworks!!! Thanks to everyone who worked this weekend, I know a lot of ya had to work around RL plans. Once again, we provided several solid hours of the BEST music in SL, and everyone had the time of their lives!

On the news front, Maxpaine Skytower had his DJ debut Thursday, he'll be kicking it off 12-2 on a regular basis. And phedre Goldshark made the jump to DJ, filling in for April & Myn this past Wednesday while both are away on vacation. phedre actually started on Tuesday with the 12-2, and will be in that slot regularly as well. phedre hasn't given up hosting, so she'll be doing that as well!!

We also have another hostie turned DJ, Ami Heninga. She's spinning the kickoff set 1-3PM on Saturdays, she really rocks!! Ami also continues to host. martina Ivanovic has brought her Symphonic/Spanish metal set to Sundays at 1PM, and it's absolutely killer!!

All in all, things are really rockin' at Freakheim!! (did you expect anything less?)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

#1 in the Showcase under Music!!!

There is a tab in Search labeled "Showcase", and you can scroll through various categories to get a list of the businesses featured under each one. Last night when you chose "Music", Freakheim Funeral Home was at the top of the list!!! Thanks to the most awesome Staff in SL, we have stayed true to our mission of providing the best and widest variety of Rock music on the grid. We also have a wonderful, friendly atmosphere where everyone feels at home. Unlike a lot of the clubs I've been to, we have managed to avoid becoming "cliquish". I'd like to personally thank each and every Freak for helping us to achieve this recognition. As always, Freakheim will continue to be "All About the Music", and a place I hope everyone feels instantly at home. We're one big, music-loving family, and I'm proud of that!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Freakheim 4.0

Most of ya have figured out that we had to move the club again. Didn't miss a beat of music, ended one shift at the old sim, next set started at the new one. Kaedy's shop is still next door, just turn left as you exit the club. We had a Staff meeting this past Saturday, and a lot of good ideas came up. Stay tuned for updates, I'll be acting on the ideas as I can. We now have a Subscribe-o-Matic to the left of the doors, giving folks who are maxed on groups another option to stay abreast of Freakheim events. I'll be sending out notecards to operators later this week. There is also a suggestion box over by the stage, click it for instructions. Freakheim is a group effort, and if we all participate we will remain the best club in SL.

I finally broke free of some RL constraints, so I'm in a lot more, and trying to catch up with everything inworld. Thanks to an amazing, dedicated Staff, Freakheim has lasted over 2 years, and shows no signs of slowing down. More Freakiness and musical excellence is coming your way, guaranteed!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ronnie James Dio passes away

Message from Wendy Dio

Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45am 16th May. Many, many friends and family were able to say their private good-byes before he peacefully passed away. Ronnie knew how much he was loved by all. We so appreciate the love and support that you have all given us. Please give us a few days of privacy to deal with this terrible loss. Please know he loved you all and his music will live on forever.

- Wendy Dio

You can leave your condolences on Facebook

Our very own April Coswell will be hosting a Relay for Life fundraiser in Dio's honor called Rock On For Ronnie this coming Wednesday 19 May 5-7PM SLT. Come on out & donate, every little bit helps on the way to finding a cure.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Freakin' Right Along!!!

Yep, I'm still in a battle with RL for my time and attention, but one of the biggest time-suckers is about to go away. Meanwhile, my fabulous Staff has kept the place rockin!!! We've had excellent turnout lately and I only see it increasing. As always, Freakheim is committed to bringing you the BEST in music and we will not compromise. We have a couple more DJs that may join us, and I will have more time to do some recruiting in the coming months. I also plan to play out more and spread the Freaky message that life is too short for boring, corporate music!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Helluva Party!!!

Freakheim's 2nd Anniversary Bash was a loud, Freaky event!! We had 4 of Freakheim's best DJs battling it out for 4 hours, wacky contests, and The Freak Magnet returning to The Saturday Shred!! The place was packed all afternoon & evening, and Freakiness was had by all. Contest participation was down, seems I just can't give away money LOL. The good news is, that means folks were there for the MUSIC, which is what Freakheim is all about!! It warms my undead heart that there are people who value killer tunes as much as I do, and they're willing to give up a significant part of their Saturday to rock with a bunch of Freaks!! It's been a wild 2 years, and we plan to keep the music going just as long as we can. The schedule is filling out once again, and I'm on the lookout for even more DJs and live acts, so stay tuned!! This coming Saturday, 1 May, both Etherian Kamaboko and Kelvinblue Oh are returning to the Freakheim stage starting at 5PM SLT!! Come on down for some awesome LIVE music, Freak style!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anniversary Bash this Saturday, 24 April!!!

Just a quick reminder that we're gonna have a big Freakin' party this Saturday to celebrate 2 years of maximum Freakiness!!! From 1-5 PM we're having a DJ Battle with an alphabet theme, and from 5-7 The Freak Magnet will return from exile to shred your Saturday!! We'll have hourly contests, big prizes, and the best music in the galaxy, so clear your calendar and plan to be at Freakheim!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Freakin' Week!!

Damn, it's already been a week! As usual, Freakheim rocked all week long, I've been seeing a lot of new faces in the club, and that's awesome!! I know we've been steadily adding Freaks, and the word continues to get out that we have the BEST MUSIC on the grid!! And I'll say it again, the FFH Staff is superb!! Rhyanna has joined the DJ ranks, adding yet another hat to her collection, she's been filling in when a DJ needs off, and her sets seriously rock!!! I still manage to get in every day, if only for a while, and enjoy myself every time I do. Another couple weeks & my exile will be over, and I plan to roar back with a vengeance!! In my absence, Bane Jinx has been totally slaying on the weekends, for which I'm grateful.

We have a few ideas in the works for the late Spring/Summer, so never fear, the Freakiness will be turned up a notch! We'll get back to the live acts as soon as I can guarantee my presence, I realize that I've let that slip somewhat, but my RL commitments make scheduling impossible. There are still a few holes in the DJ calendar, if you can pick one up, or can recommend a DJ, let us know!! And most of all, thanks for being a Freak!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

DJ Battle Rescheduled to 24 April

I got sidetracked last week & never did manage to post. As you have probably figured out, the DJ Battle got rescheduled LOL. We decided to do it on 24 April to celebrate 2 years of maximum Freakiness at FFH, as well as celebrate my & Kaedy's 3rd Rezday. As with previous Battles, there will be hourly contests, oversize prizes, and the best music anywhere, guaranteed.

I have a few RL commitments to deal with, so I'm only spinning the Monday 4-6 up until the 24th, if you need to get your Freak on, it has to be on a Monday! The good news is, the music keeps on rockin' with the addition of Bane Jinx to the FFH roster. She's gonna fill in for me on Friday & Saturday and has also been popping in to fill empty weekday slots. Give her a listen, she's definitely a Freak!!

I'd also like to thank Maxx for doing the DoubleDutch with Oz this past Friday and rockin' the dead again on Saturday!! We had lots of happy Freaks this past weekend, and that's a good thing!!! I'll try to keep the posting regular, and will have details about the Battle as we get closer. until then, be Freaky!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

DJ Battle coming soon!!

Yep, we have another one of our famous DJ Battles scheduled for 3 April, 1-5PM SLT. As of now, we have Lainey Thorne, Guenevere DeCuir and Ozark Hax lined up, we should have a total of 5 by the time the Battle rolls around. I've been so swamped by RL that I haven't followed up on all the messages, but you can be sure that the Freakiest tunes in SL will be played, the contests will be Freaky, and we'll raise a lot of L$ for Relay!!!

We just had another kickass week at Freakheim, with Ishi taking some open sets since she had some free time. We still have a lot of holes in the calendar however, and I'll need all of you to keep your ears open for DJs who are Freak material. If you hear somebody you think would be a good fit, send 'em to me and I'll give them a listen!! I don't get out & about as much as I used to, and I'm relying on my awesome Staff to be my eyes & ears, let's keep the Freak train rolling!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

RFL 2010 Kickoff ROCKED!!

As most of you know, the 2010 SL Relay For Life kicked off this past Saturday, 13 March. Freakheim's home team, so to speak, is Spinners for Life. I've personally been a member of this team since its inception, and it is really a great bunch of people. The inaugural event was an Exhibition of Freakiness with myself & April Coswell sharing the stream and spinning the Freakiest tunes in the Galaxy. We raised over L$15000 at this event, a great start by any measure. Relay runs until mid-July, so stay tuned for more events as the season goes on.

Relay for Life is a personal cause of mine, the recent advances in cancer research and detection has saved the lives of many people close to me. Unfortunately, I lost a co-worker last month to cancer. It brought home the fact that there is more work to be done, and every penny donated helps. If at all possible, donate to Relay through the kiosk to the right of the front doors of the club. Or any Relay kiosk. It's not about Spinners, it's about saving lives.

Thank you all who attended the Kickoff, we had a Freakin' blast as always!! The next major event scheduled is Saturday 3 April, we're going to have a DJ Battle from 1-5PM featuring the best DJs in SL spinning the best music in SL. Come by and dance, enter the contests, and donate to Relay.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For the love of Music

Yes, that's why Freakheim exists, and why it keeps on rolling no matter what. I was rockin out to some serious old skool a few days ago, I like to toss in classic Metal as well as the new stuff I dig up. So many listeners weren't even around back then and I love to turn 'em on to the roots of Metal. The lyrics to one song seemed to fit the Freakheim mission, as well as my life creed. I don't usually post song lyrics, but these are so dead on I had to. From Judas Priest's first album, Rocka-Rolla released in 1974:

One For The Road

Where would you be without music
You would be nowhere at all
We wouldn't be here doing this now
If you weren't having a ball

One for the road, sharing our load, show us the way

Can you imagine the silence
Not even the pink or white noise
Well thankfully we've got the license
To have us some fun with the boys

One for the road, sharing our load, show us the way

The melody line's fascinating
The rhythm is something divine
It sends our adrenaline racing
To see you all moving so fine

One for the road, sharing our load, show us the way
One for the road...

That's it, just had to share that...rock on & see ya Friday!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Holes in Space & Time

....Or, at least, holes in the schedule. There are a few slots labeled "Fill Needed" or "OPEN", if you can grab any of those, please do. Also, keep your ears open for any DJs that would be a good fit for Freakheim. The ones we have are the best in SL, and word is getting out about us once again. The most pressing needs right now are the Tuesday slots, 2-4 needs a fill (possibly long term), and 4-6 is permanently open. Once we get those handled, we need a 2-4 for Fridays, preferably someone who has their own following. Also, Saturday will need some help, we have openings for 11-1 & 1-3. Most of these slots have an assigned Hostie, all we need is the music!

Traffic has been steady and increasing, in spite of the Olympics and whatever else is on the tube...I've seen a lot of new Freaks lately, and more often than not people in the club are TPing folks in...who stay because the music is the BEST!! Thanks to all of you, we're continuing to rock both the living and the dead in fine, Freaky fashion! RL has been keeping me out, but I'm still doing my 3 FFH sets and of course I'm always hunting down new music.

Kaedy's done some more decorating outside, we have a nice little area to hang out between sets or whatever. We will probably have more live bands out on the lawn in the future, just for the fun of it! I don't have anyone on the schedule as of yet, but I'll be contacting booking agents this week & hopefully get the live bands lined up. If you hear a band you'd like me to book at FFH, let me know!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And the Flakes keep falling...

You know it takes something extraordinary for me to post more than once a week or so. No, it's not still snowing in Atlanta. The flakes I refer to are people who lack the common courtesy of telling me they are no longer going to be working for me. I understand RL, and often SL, hits us upside the head with all sorts of unexpected ugliness. I don't need a reason, or an excuse, or any more information you're not willing to share. I do, however, expect you to act like a professional. That means an IM or email stating that you will no longer be part of the Freakheim Staff. Just dropping the Groups and disappearing is juvenile. I don't care what tragedy, or most likely self-induced drama, has befallen you.

I have had two people do this this week, or at least I found out about it this week. These two people, and those before them that pulled the same stunt, will never work in one of my venues again. Ever. SL may be a "game", but when you make a commitment, you stand by it. If you can no longer meet that obligation, or no longer wish to, the professional thing to do is make that fact known.

That being said, this rant does not include those who took the approximately 30 seconds to let me or a manager know that they would be unable to work. I am very understanding, and all excuses are good excuses. I understand the need for occasional extended absences, household emergencies, illness, what have you. Hell, I know DJ burnout all too well. Freakheim has outlasted 90% of the clubs in SL because I will not compromise my mission to bring folks the best music on the planet.I also run it as a professional operation, where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. In most cases, this respect is reciprocated. To those of you who chose to disrespect me, the Staff, my time, money & vision....Karmic backlash is a motherfucker.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

4-Day Party Weekend!!!!

WOW!!! This past weekend was a 4-Day party extravaganza! My RL birthday was Thursday, and I logged in to a party at Freakheim, a nice surprise and just what I needed after a long day. Friday was full of its usual Freakiness, I decided to do an International set in honor of the Olympics, and we had a "colors" contest with some amazing outfits! Saturday started out like any other day, Zaza took the 1PM and then Oz at 3, I was busy in RL and logged in about 45 min before Oz ended, and Rhyanna had booked the RAILS to play another party for me!! It was definitely a surprise of the good kind, and we got to keep the tradition of the RAILS being the first band to play any venue I've ever had. They are one of the longest-lasting bands in SL and I love to hear them as often as I can! We also broke in the front lawn of the place, there's something totally rockin' about a bonfire at a kegger and the fire inspector won't let me do that indoors LOL!

I followed the RAILS set with a special Anti-Valentine's Shred full of all those songs about broken hearts, cheating lovers & suicide (no, I didn't play any Country). We kept the party going outside, and folks dressed in black & grey and we had a perfectly gloomy evening! Sunday was unusually quiet until Guen rocked out with a set of Love/Hate that put a Freaky spin on Valentine's Day itself. Keep an eye out for notices this week, we have RL attacking some folks so sets will change a bit. As usual, the best music in SL will be at Freakheim!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Freaks have a new home!!!

Yep, unlike RL, things in SL can move pretty damn quickly!! Only a week after setting up in the Graveyard, the Club itself is back in operation at our new home!! wooHoo!! Make sure you check Notices for the new LM, or stop by the Graveyard & grab one. I broke the place in Saturday night with an extended Shred, the last half hour of which was all "Freak" tunes!! We had Freaky cheerleaders in abundance and their pics are up on the wall for all to see. Come by & check out the landscaping Kaedy did in record time, and enjoy our new home!! We even have a waterfall in case ya need a bath!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Freakheim has moved!!!

Yep, I sold the sim, so we've moved the club activities to the Freakheim Graveyard in DeLuca. Make sure you get the new LM from the group notices or ask any of the Staff & we'll hook ya up!!! Thanks to the wonderful Freakheim Staff, everything went off without a hitch & we didn't miss a single rockin' set!! Of course, Kaedy did all the hard work getting the venue ready to move into and decorating it with very little notice. Come play among the gravestones at what is still the Freakiest club in SL!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Full Freak Ahead!!!

Hard to believe two weeks have passed since my last post. Freakheim is rolling full Freak ahead in 2010!! You may have noticed a bunch of new names & slots on the calendar, your eyes are not deceiving you! The Colosseum of Rock has closed down, and the best of their staff has become part of the Freakheim family. The owners of COR also had a commitment to bring you the best music in SL, and we have shared some staff for quite a while, if unofficially. I'd like to ask you to drop in & check out the new sets, each DJ brings something new to FFH, all in the name of providing the best music in the galaxy.

We are still looking (and listening) for more DJs and live acts, and hope to bring even more live music to FFH. Right now we have an open DJ slot Tuesdays 2-4PM SLT, if you can grab that please let me know. So far no concrete offers on the sim, but it is still for sale. I'm trying to balance SL & RL as best I can, and the awesome FFH Staff is making it much easier. There are days when I will only be inworld briefly, but I do keep on top of things from out here. All in all, be Freaky!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Club Calendar has been updated

We had our first ever Staff meeting yesterday to plan the future of Freakheim, and it was very productive! The Calendar has been updated, as well as the Event listing here on the blog, and it looks like we have something going every day of the week. There are still a few holes, but I am waiting to hear back from folks who were not at the meeting. From all indications, FFH 3.0 will be better than ever, with a lot more input from all involved. Most of the Staff has been with us a long time, and we have grown a fun little family business. I'll try to keep the blog updated, since we have some fun ideas in the works, as well as the best music anywhere in the galaxy!! A heartfelt thank-you to everyone involved, this is definitely going to be a joint effort, as my RL shows no signs of slowing down.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010, ya Freaks!!!!

Yep, a whole new year, a new decade, a fresh start in many ways. This year has good fortune written all over it, as it starts on a Friday! And to top things off, when we ring in the Chinese new year in February, it will be the Year of the Tiger!! So yeah, to those of you battered & bruised by 2009, things will turn around for you. Not without effort on your part, of course, but toss away the negative energy with your 2009 calendar.

When I announced that K & I would be selling the sim and putting Freakheim on hiatus, almost everyone said that they would miss FFH and the feeling that they were comfortable and at home. I built FFH as a home for us, a place where we could revel in the best music in the galaxy and be free of the drama and cliqueishness of many other clubs.

The sim is still going to be sold, but we have decided NOT to go on hiatus. FFH will continue at its present location until I have a deal in place, then will be moved to a new location as quickly as possible. The end of the year brought a lot of RL complications to the FFH Staff, throwing the schedule into turmoil. We will be meeting this weekend to chart a direction for 2010 and will post the calendar as soon as we can.

Stay tuned for the latest Freakin' news, and pay attention to Group notices, they're the most effective means of communication. Come on out & party with your Freaky family, it's because of you that we're staying open!!