Sunday, January 18, 2009

Freaky Goings On

Freakheim continues to rock the hell outta SL!! We've added several new staff members, shuffled some sets around, and generally raised the level of Freakiness to new heights!

Algenight Cline kicks off the week Mondays at Noon SLT with an eclectic mix of punk, classic Britpop and an on-air personality that must be heard to be appreciated!! This guy is definitely a Freak!!! His host is my SL daughter, Shay Hax, another recent addition to the FFH Staff.

Following Algenight from 2-4PM is another British standout, Dany Moonbeam. Dany has returned to the Freaky airwaves from an extended holiday and blasts into your afternoon with a hard-hitting serious Metal set. His host is the insane 5ynester Blackburn, also back from an extended break.

The 4-6PM slot is still being authoritatively rocked by meka Chaffe and hosted by Lacey Perterson. Serious mayhem has ensued during meka's sets, drop in & see what kind of trouble you can get into!! Last but not least, Aplonis Ember guides you into the night with the most eclectic mix in have no idea what you've been missing, the music's so good it's hard to tear myself away!! He's hosted by his RL partner Sylea, and these two have a chemistry to be admired!!

Tuesday brings another new addition to FFH, Krissy Mesmer. Last week tech issues kept her off the air, but she's poised & ready to rock your Tuesday from 2-4PM leading into Ishi's killer 4-6 set featuring the best of Hard Rock, JRock and Symphonic Metal.

Wednesday kicks off with Cyden Nightfire from 1-3PM, hosted by EYEkon Burner, another new Staffer. Cyden has a huge music library and wide tastes, from classic rock to Metal, the perfect way to start your SL afternoon!! TWISTMY Gears takes over from 3-5PM for a seriously rockin set. Rounding out the Wednesday lineup, Myn's Mid-Week Mania has returned every other week, her sets also span the entire musical spectrum; you really should come down & listen, but be prepared to be blown away!!! 5ynester Blackburn will provide the hosting duties & provide eye candy for the ladies! On the weeks Myn is off, Torrent Straaf will kick your Humpingday doldrums away with a kickass Rock/Metal/JRock set hosted by his lovely Dragon Yasayuki Kattun!!

Thursday starts off at Noon with another dose of Algenight Cline, hosted by IrisBlossom Nitely. From 2-4 Samantha Bainbridge has returned to Freakheim with even more attitude than before!! She's loud, obnoxious & proud!! Rhyanna Saphir will be your Freaky Host, and serious Freakiness often occurs, both musically & otherwise!! Rosie Rocks! is still holding down the 4-6 slot, now with 5ynester Blackburn as host. When Rosie needs to blow off steam, watch out!! Her "Angry" sets shake the foundation!! Closing out Thursday is Lainey Thorne with her eclectic mix of German Industrial, Hard Rock, and a smidge of Techno just for Freaky Flavor! Lainey's hosted by Rosie Wylie and she'll make sure you feel welcome!!

This post is getting a little long, so I'll save the weekend lineup for next time. Just make sure you drop by Freakheim and rock out to the best music in SL spun by the best DJs in SL. If you're lucky, I may even drop in and say some silly shit in chat guaranteed to make you laugh yourself Freaky!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Is cluelessness terminal? I hope so.......

By now, most of you have heard about the folks who had the chutzpah to tell me what I can & can't do in my own group chat. There's a detailed blow-by-blow over on Kaedy's blog (link on the right) so I needn't go into detail here. The fact the people are likely fertile makes me fear for the future of humanity. If only cluelessness were terminal. As Ron White is famous for saying, "You can't fix stupid" Unfortunately, the profoundly stupid happen to be some of the most fertile. This is likely some Darwinian survival mechanism, but it has been thwarted by the nanny state and the ever-present product warnings. Truthfully, there are some people who should use the hair dryer in the shower.

Another by-product of nanny-style government is the erosion of the concept of private property. We see it every day in ridiculous zoning ordinances, and the fact that you often need to jump through several flaming hoops of bureaucracy to get anything done at City Hall. I believe in the concept of the common good, and agree that zoning is a necessary evil. Sometimes, however, it goes way too far. But we the people have quietly accepted the concept of other people deciding what we can do with our property and have ceased fighting back. The exception is those of us who have bothered to read the US Constitution. I like fighting City Hall.

What all the above has to do with Freakheim & the band of Freaks is this: The club, and the group, belong to Kaedy & I. We make the rules. Our outlook is summed up quite nicely in the Group Charter. I realize that some people dislike aimless chatter or spam in the group window. LL has thoughtfully provided a mechanism to eliminate unwanted messages: close the window. Kind of like changing the channel if you don't like what's on TV. What some see as spam, others see as connecting with Group members. It's my way of saying hey & seeing what everyone's up to. The overwhelming consensus has been supportive of this concept, so Band of Freaks Group chat spam is here to stay. We love ya, and being Freaky is what we're all about. If you're doing something naughty, we want to hear about it.