Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Freakshow 25 March 6PM Eastern

Well, it looks like I'm at least able to remember to blog biweekly...I must be having fun, because time is flying by....already near the end of March, we've had a Supermoon, a few days of 80 degrees, pollen coating everything...Spring in the South!!! I'm just glad it stopped freezing, though it's still a possibility. It's so nice to not need a coat, to be able to dress comfortably & not be cold. Looks like the Abominable Snowmonster socked Toronto & the Northeast, they will have to fight harder to be free of its icy grip.

So yeah, the brain is thawing and I actually had a theme for last week's show. This week, nothing came to mind, so I filled the hopper with stuff I've picked up recently, old favorites, familiar tunes, and new indie tunes. Gonna have a free-for-all & see what sticks. If you've been listening for any amount of time, you know that I feed off of interaction, and steer the show while in progress. I did a set last Saturday completely on the fly, loading abut 3 or 4 tracks ahead and it absolutely rocked!!

It's really easy to get into the chat, just head over to WitchezBrew, click the "chat & listen" tab, and follow the instructions. If you're inworld, come catch me live at The Twisted Joint. Either way, 3 hours of the best music in the Galaxy is on tap, and Freakiness guaranteed!!! 6-9PM Eastern Daylight Time, 3-6PM Pacific Daylight Time, Friday, 25 March 2011.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Freakshow Time Again!!!

Yep, no matter how hard the forces of Darkness try, they cannot keep Friday from coming...and Friday means it's time for the Freakshow!!!! Hope you've all had a chance to check out the new chat, see instructions below if ya need hints. Come on over to and take part in the Freakiness!!! Or, if you're inworld, I'm live at the Twisted Joint!!! 6-9PM EST/3-6PM PST Friday, 11 March 2011.

Lots of new stuff in the queue, and of course your rockin' favorites. I'm busy as hell all week long these days, so I need the rockout as much as you do!! Still looking for new bands to promote, so if you're in one, or know of one, get the tunes to me and if it rocks, I'll spin it!!

Read a news story today about a Canadian hockey player...a PROFESSIONAL hockey player...who was upset at the ferocity with which he had been checked into the boards. The league decided the foul was not severe enough to suspend the offending player, so this wuss complains to the POLICE!!! This is the equivalent of running home & telling your mommy. I mean, come on!! This is HOCKEY FFS!!! If you can't take the checking, get the hell off the ice!!

And I thought our pro jocks were bad...we have real live ex-cons out there playing in the NFL & NBA, if you foul them I seriously doubt they're gonna file a police report. Might kick your ass in the parking lot....or steal your girlfriend.

Anyways, enough chatter. Come on out & catch the Freakiness and start your weekend off in style with the best music in the Galaxy!!!