Saturday, December 19, 2009

3rd Annual Freakin' Xmas Bash 12/19

w00t!!! Three years running, The Freak Magnet promises to bring you the best & Freakiest tunes in all of SL, giant contest prizes, and more fun than any where in RL!! I apologize for the lateness of this posting, but my RL keeps taking twists & turns that keep me away from the fun stuff. This evening, however, is all about fun and Freakiness. From 1-5PM, we will have a DJ Battle, featuring the best Rock DJs in SL trying to stump each other with musical themes while keeping the Freakiness level high. Following the Battle, The Freak Magnet will be spinning a special Holiday Shred featuring holiday tunes you won't hear anywhere else (and some that you will), guaranteed to blow your mind!! Come on out for the last grand bash before Freakheim relocates and party like Music is all that matters.....because it is.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Back from the Void...sort of

Yep, once again it's a month between posts, just wanted to let y'all know that I am back from the RL void more or less. I took off most of November to concentrate on some RL dragon slaying and take a well-deserved vacation (Rockin' of course). I'm starting to ease back into RL & SL, decided to return to the Freakshow tonite and spin a bunch of the stuff I picked up in my absence. Guaranteed the best music in SL!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

3rd Annual Freakin' Halloween Bash

OK, OK, I know I was gonna post this like a week ago or something....I just never seem to have enough hours in my day anymore. Never fear, my Freakies, even though I haven't posted, the 3rd Annual Freakin' Halloween Bash preparations have been underway, and we plan to top last year's attendance!! Just so you can get that last-minute shopping in, or at least plan your day, here are the contests and times:

11AM-1PM DJ Darien Kazakov: Best Neko/Furry. Kinda think of this as a Pet Sematary event...all critters are welcome, but zombie Furries would be over the top!

1PM-5PM Freakin' DJ Battle featuring Sly Nirpaw, Ozark Hax, Inked Jewell, Ishimaru Kohime & Troy Kaminski

Contests will be hourly, more chances to win!

1-2PM Scary Monsters: Time to show your ugly side and let the monster out!

2-3PM Great Pumpkin: Halloween colors, black & orange!

3-4PM Witches & Warlocks: Time to get that pointed hat out & grab your wand!

4-5PM Freakiest Outfit: Now it's time to see who the REAL Freaks are!!

5-6PM Live music performed by The RAILS with a "Come-as-you-are" contest! Yes, everyday looks are welcome, but if you spent a lot of time preparing for an earlier contest & didn't win, now you get another chance!!

6-8PM Symphonic Metal Saturday Shred with The Freak Magnet! One last chance to win, we're having a Formal Masquerade Ball!! Slip into your finest formalwear & grab one of those fancy'll never waltz the same again!!

All contest prizes will be much larger than normal, if you've ever been to one of our bashes you know what I mean...prizes will be to the top 3 in all categories.

During the DJ Battle, vote for your favorite DJ, the top 3 will also get a killer prize!!

See you Saturday!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yes, I'm Still Undead

Crap, I just realized that I haven't posted since the Weird one went to go dance for Elvis. I'm still undead & Freaky, but fighting the vortex of RL. Damn weather has put me behind in several projects, and so I'm scrambling to catch up, as well as keep up with current tasks.

Meanwhile back at the Funeral Home, we've been kickin' it out as Freaky as ever! A whole slew of live acts have been booked, many of whom haven't played FFH before. As you all know, I live for music, and rarely get the chance to go hear musicians anymore... good thing I own a venue! Stay tuned for even more killer live music as I'm always looking for unique sounds!

In DJ news, Sabriel Azalee has made it back from RL and is kicking off Sundays from 11-1. She spins an amazingly eclectic set, you have to hear it for yourself! Vanguard Alter has taken over the Tuesday 2-4PM, I've known him a couple years and am glad to welcome him to the Freaky Family! Inked Jewell has returned to Fridays 12-2PM, there's no better way to kick off your weekend!! And finally, TWISTMY Gears has picked up the 2-4 on Fridays, giving you a second chance to let her rock you!!

And, of course, it's October...I know it's always Halloweenie at Freakheim, but those of you who have been around a while know that Halloween is the biggest Freakin' bash of the year for us. The RAILS will play for their 3rd straight Halloween, which has to be some kinda SL record. We'll be having a DJ battle from 1-5PM with hourly contests as usual, I'll be posting the list shortly so you can start shopping. The RAILS will play at 5PM, then I'll be having a Masquerade Ball for the Shred from 6-8PM. I may even do a Symphonic set, I haven't done one of those in ages. Prizes will be Halloween sized as well, so plan to spend the whole day with us!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Me & Mr. Jackson

Ever since he passed on, Michael Jackson has been in the news daily. I heard today that they finally decided upon funeral arrangements. A few of you have wondered why I'm such a non-fan of Mr. Jackson and I promised I'd blog about it. RL keeps me busy as hell, and this is the first chance I've had. Most of you know I can't stand Disco. Google "Disco Demolition" sometime. I was happy to be among those who ended that scourge upon the airwaves. To this day, I can't stand anything with a repetitious beat that is mixed superior to the melody.

I won't go into Mr. Jackson's personal life....that's mostly a matter of public record & great speculation, suffice it to say he was a weirdo. No, what Michael Jackson represents, to me, is the turning point where music was no longer the focus of the "music industry". You all know the motto of Freakheim: "It's All About The Music". For many years, the primary focus of the music industry was discovering & developing musical talent, finding those whose musical innovation set the world's ear on fire. As commercialization rose, the focus began to veer toward marketing and away from music as its core.

Take "Thriller" for instance. The track itself is not innovative, in fact it's just Disco, a genre that had recently met its demise. Record companies loved Disco, and today's dance pop & Hip-Hop because real live musicians aren't needed. All you have to do is get the vocal takes. Everything else is pre-recorded, studio time is shortened, and the same backing tracks can be used to fill several different albums. All without paying any musicians to play any actual instruments....but I digress.

Music videos had existed since sound was synced to film. For the most part, they were footage of the band or artist playing live. In the '60s the "concept video" began to appear...footage possibly inspired by the music, but of something other than a performance. Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" comes to mind. "Thriller" changed the music video paradigm. Here was essentially a mini-movie with expensive production showcasing some serious choreography. The cinematography was also cutting-edge. But wait!! What about the MUSIC? Oh yeah, some Disco track, nothing special.

And the album flew off the shelves....and was heard on the airwaves...and the video was repeated every 15 minutes. This was the beginning of the end, folks! The music industry realized that the music no longer had to make a statement as long as the MARKETING did! All of a sudden the labels were spending millions to make expensive videos with pretty, but not necessarily musically adept performers. The music industry became the (music) Marketing Industry. Their lust for the almighty dollar led them away from the music to the point where they began to believe their own bullshit. In what twisted alternate reality is it a good idea to insult and then sue your customers?

To sum it up, Michael Jackson...and "Thriller"...represent the point in time where the focus on music was sacrificed for the focus on marketing. Just because something sells millions of copies doesn't mean it's any good...just well-marketed. My focus will always be on the music. Most of what I play may be obscure, but it's damn good music!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

DJ Battle Contests 8 August

We're having another DJ Battle at Freakheim, and you know what that means! Yep, the best music in SL, and hourly contests with giant prizes!! Here's the list so you can be prepared:

1-2PM Humanoid Invasion
Vampires, werewolves, zombies, cyborgs, elves, faeries, drows & more! Anything human-based but not quite human…or not human at all! Basically most of us for the first few hours we’re awake LOL……caffeinated blood available!

2-3PM Animals Attack!
Furries, Nekos, insects, whatever, let’s bring out the Animal in you Freaks….guaranteed to be plenty of tail(s) at Freakheim for this contest!! I suppose I’ll have to put out a bowl of treats or something…….

3-4PM Head Games
Time to be really creative and let the Freakiness inside your head come out & play! Hats, of course, the Freakier the better, and anything else that you can get to sit upon your head! Freakiest headwear!! All you builders should have fun with this one!

4-5PM Mondo Bizzario
We had a little preview last night…..I want to see just how Freaky you all are….time to come as you aren’t and show off your Freakiest avies….bugs, monsters, appliances, whatever. Please keep avie sizes normal, though, we have to have room for everyone!

After the Battle, we'll have LIVE Texas Blues from Kelvinblue Oh from 5-6 followed by the Saturday Shred from 6-8. I'll be spinning Classic Rock tonight, you don't want to miss a note!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Open House at Freak Hall

This past Sunday, we had an Open House at Freak Hall. Mainly because in over 2 years of being on SL, we've never had a party in our house! We used to always have them down on the beach (in the days before Freakheim). We used the opportunity to introduce Freakheim's newest DJ, Sabriel Azalee, and she put on a wonderfully eclectic set from 1-3PM. I followed up at 3, and ended up spinning till 6:30...that's right, 3 and a half hours of Freakiness!! I got to pull out tons of tunes I hadn't spun before, and many of our good friends and family managed to come by & tour the house & see how the Freaks live! I really wanted to show off the attic studio, which I moved from the former Surf Shack when we built the new house. By the end, we had had a pig roasting on a spit (in the attic!) and over 5 hours of the best music in SL! For me, the best sets are the ones where the audience interacts and really gets into the music. Sunday was one of those sets, and I delved into a little bit of everything from classic rock to Metal, to blues, to Symphonic Metal, name it. Thank you all who attended, it was my pleasure rocking your Sunday!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Freakoff DJ Battle for Relay

Heyas!!! I wanted to remind everyone that this coming Saturday, 20 June, we are having a Freakoff DJ Battle from 5-8 PM SLT to benefit Relay For Life!! April Coswell, Myn Delling and myself will dig deep into our respective music libraries and try to out-Freak each other. Plenty of truly bizarre tunes have been recorded over the years, so this will definitely be a once in a lifetime event! The best news is, all proceeds will go to Relay For Life! Our team has already surpassed last year's total, but we are aiming fo a million L$ this year! We're about half way there, with a month to go, so bring your lindens, your drinks, and your sense of humor this will be the Freakiest set EVER in SL, guaranteed!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I've been Botted!

OK, OK, I realize that I suck at blogging regularly. I get ideas, but rarely at a convenient time. Anyways, I had to share this......details removed due to irrelevance, I'm sure you can fill in the blanks. I was spinning last night at a club, maybe 20-25 folks on the dance floor. The entire set, the conversation was dominated by a group of 3 people in the corner going on and on and was like the lunchroom in a junior high school. Wifey muted them and for her, chat was silent. I went over an hour with absolutely no comment on the music, no requests, and of course no tips. As you all know, the reason I spin is to get the good music out there. I feed of the energy of my audience, and love to comply with requests. Usually at my shows, the music will engender comments, either positive or negative, and it will direct the flow of the set. Last night I may as well have left SAM on automatic and read a book. I was tempted to toss in some Classical, maybe some Sinatra, anything to get a response.

It finally occurred to me that 90% of the avs present were unconnected to anyone at the keyboard. Evidently a lot of folks will park their avie at the club & use it as a radio. That's all well and fine, but when that large of a proportion is doing it it seems like botting. Traffic is pointless unless it enhances the entertainment experience. I had a much better time at FFH a couple nights earlier with 5-7 people in attendance that were 100% participating and focusing on the music.

I don't expect anything to change, but needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for tolerating my rant. I will continue to focus on spinning the best music out there, and as always I welcome requests. Let me know what you want to hear and I'll slide it in for ya!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Few Thoughts on the Impending Changes to SL

Well, as we all know, LL is gonna shake our world up once again. I've been following the forums and talking to several folks, and I promised I'd get on here and have my say. When SL was conceived, it was the ultimate libertarian utopia: anything was fair game, as long as it didn't infringe upon the rights of others. Land owners were allowed to determine what sort of activities they would allow. LL assured us that everyone on the grid was 18 or over, and we were all adults. Now they want to banish all "Adult" activity to a separate continent and restrict access to paid residents or those who have verified their age through a 3rd party service. I've been inworld over two years, and have run into very little PG content. It seems it would be easier to make a prude continent and restrict those who don't know how to TP away from things that frighten them to Disneytopia. Really, how may people have you run into inworld who complain about the grown-up nature of the grid? Just like TV, those who dislike the content are free to search out only PG sims or simply not come into SL. I came up with two major theories behind the changes being forced upon us, the paying customers:

1. From the beginning, SL has tried to attract RL businesses to use SL as a conferencing platform. Just like any other venture, corporate sponsorship is welcome, as it helps defray the costs. Ever look at a race car? I have been to several business meetings in SL, and it's great for collaborative modeling. I have even used SL to inexpensively render 3-D drawings for RL construction projects. OK, Kaedy did that, but you get the point. SL does have RL uses. There are some glaring flaws with this plan, however. First of all, most business computers are incapable of even running SL. Look around you at work. Unless you're in the graphics business, not one of those machines even has a discrete graphics card. Second, there's the bandwidth issue. SL takes a huge amount of bandwidth to operate efficiently. Your business would have to be directly connected to the backbone for this to work. And there would be major upgrades needed in your IT closet to handle it all. In these lean economic times, spending millions to facilitate the occasional meeting is not going to fly past the CFO. It's way cheaper to fly folks in. Third, you have the perception of SL as a "game". I can imagine the grumblings of my coworkers that some of us were "gaming" on company time. The meetings I attend in SL I do from home on my own computer and my own bandwidth.

In my business meetings in SL, there were many people new to SL and the concept of virtual worlds. Many of these people have barely mastered email. Yes, they were shocked at some of the things they saw while randomly bopping around SL. No different than if they wandered around any major European city. These businesspeople are not going to become paid, frequent users of SL. They pop in every month or two for a 2-hour meeting. They do very little shopping, clubbing, etc. Bending over backward to cater to these occasional SLers is a bad idea. Maybe a separate "square business only" continent? Look, they are still adults, and responsible to use Search and read the freakin' descriptions before they go TPing somewhere. Just what do they think "escort" means? Something different than in RL? And where do they get off telling those of us who spend $1000USD a month what we can and cannot do? I remember "Your World, Your Imagination"..........Hey, LL, the diehard addicts are your bottom line, not the stuffed suits.

2. LL is intentionally trying to drive off residents. As SL grows, the need for more infrastructure grows as well. In order to keep costs in check and assure a healthy profit margin, LL, from time to time, does something so asinine it drives folks away for good. The "OpenSpace" debacle comes to mind. There were other solutions than what LL decided upon. They chose the one that resulted in the greatest loss of residents. How many people do you know that either left SL for good, or rarely come in now that they can't afford a place to live? Pay no attention to the numbers on the login splash screen. At least 30,000 are bots. Next time SL is down for any significant period of time, look at the number when you log in. 10 seconds after logins are reactivated, there are 30,000 concurrent users. That's either Lindens or bots.

The actual number of users does continue to grow, so to avoid having to buy even more servers, bandwidth, staff, etc. LL has hatched another plan to run folks off. There are numerous reasons why folks do not want to give their CC info, and even more to not trust a 3rd party verification service. Neither one will keep a determined underage person from getting inworld. Use a parent's info. Hell, use a grandparent's. Not like they'll have any clue. Tell them "Linden Labs" is a school expense. So that isn't it.....must be that LL needs to keep resident numbers down to maximize profits.....hmmm.....something to think about anyway.

LL keeps repeating that "Adult" activities account for only 3% of the grid. My ass. The grid is empty as ever, 24 hours a day, except for Mature and Adult activities. They can't even decide what is Mature and what is Adult. Sure, there is a list, but as usual it's subject to change on a whim. I have a better idea. Post a warning on the splash screen: This Is An Adult Virtual Experience. Under 18 Prohibited. If You're Uptight, Prudish, Intolerant, or Incapable of Logging Out, DO NOT ENTER!!!

OK, if you've read this far, I'll sum it up very simply: Fuck Censorship.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Oi. I just noticed that I forgot to update the event listing this week. Amazing what RL does to ya. I'll get it updated tonite for next week. Anyways, the semester is over, and I actually have time for a second life again! That means I'll be more visible (and hopefully audible) inworld, and will be blogging more regularly. I have quite a few things to get off my chest, so stay tuned......

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Absolutely Kickass Party!!

Wow! We had the place packed all day! Kaedy outdid herself once again with the decorating, and our team of DJs provided an unequaled set during the Battle! When I say that Freakheim has the best DJs in SL, it's not an exaggeration! Troy had some technical issues that kept him from spinning, but Lainey popped in & saved the day. Fresh off a vacation, she was ready to spin and tossed out a killer set for the first hour. The next 4 hours were covered by the DJ Battle, and 6 of the finest spinners in SL rocked the place like never before! We had Marvel Kit, Ozark Hax, meka Chaffe, Guenevere DeCuir, Sly Nirpaw and Inked Jewell, each one with a unique musical perspective and together they're unstoppable! The night finished off with my return to the Shred, and I had a hell of a set to follow. I ended up spinning for nearly 3 hours, and was all over the musical spectrum.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Bash, whether you stayed all day or just popped is you, the Freaks, who make Freakheim the rockinest club in SL!! Make sure you spread the word to everyone you know who loves great music and get 'em in to Freakheim!!

Before I forget, here are the results form the contests:

Come As You Are:
1. Yasayuki Kattun
2. Trinity Gordou
3. Guenevere DeCuir

1. Oddessa Graves
2. Ishimaru Kohime
3. Rhyanna Saphir

Metal, Spikes, Chains & Blades:
1. Ishimaru Kohime
2. Jack Picket
3. Guenevere DeCuir

Weird Avies:
1. meka Chaffe
2. Sly Nirpaw
3. Ishimaru Kohime

1. Bailey Runningbear
2. Jack Picket
3. Trident Runningbear

1. Minerva Minton
2. Rhyanna Saphir
3. Sly Nirpaw

Costume Party:
1. Sylea Seagall
2. Aplonis Ember
3. Ishimaru Kohime

And, of course, the DJ Battle:
1. Inked Jewell
2. Ozark Hax
3. meka Chaffe

We can't have a bash like this every week, or they would cease to be special. I can guarantee awesome tunes, maximum fun, and crazy contests; so make sure you put Freakheim on your calendars & come & rock out with us!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anniversary Party Contests

Yep, the big damn Freakheim Anniversary party is this Saturday, 25 April!! We're also gonna celebrate Kaedy, Shay, Rhyanna & my rezdays as well, so you know it'll be a bash to remember!! Killer tunes, a DJ battle, big contest prizes & maybe even some spankin' wooHoo!!! Here's a list of the contest times & themes so you can be ready to win:

12-1PM Come As You Are

1-2PM Leather

2-3PM Metal, Spikes & Chains

3-4PM Weird Avies

4-5PM Neko

5-6PM Undead

6-7PM Costume Party

The overall theme for the day is Halloween, since it's my fave holiday and it's midway to the next Halloween Party....we're having Halloween in April!! See ya there!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Freakheim Anniversary Coming Up!

Heyas!! Yep, I know, I've been kinda bad about posting lately. And kinda absent from SL too, for that matter. Damn RL has got me in a deathgrip lately. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm pretty sure it's not a train....though I am quite deaf. The main reason for this post is that I thought I'd remind y'all that Freakheim's first anniversary is quickly approaching. A year is forever in SL time, so much has happened since FFH opened its doors. On Saturday 25 April we'll be having one hell of a party to celebrate a year of Freaky existence. Stay tuned for details, but I guarantee you'll want to be there.

Since I have the podium, mic, keyboard, floor, whatever, I'm going to take the time right now to thank my kickass Freaky Staff. Each and every one of you, most of whom have been with me from the very start. I played the first FFH set ever on 26 April 2008 and many of you were there. We would not have lasted this long without your dedication to the cause of great music. After playing various venues in SL I had the idea to open a place that focused on the music, where everyone would feel at home, let their hair down, and just Freakin' party!! Because of you, we did it!!!

I also want to thank the members of Band of Freaks for coming out, set after set, to see just what kind of silliness we'd get into that night. We have had some great times together, and there are a bunch of us! Just about everywhere you go in SL anymore, there will be a Freak there. Please mark your calendars for Saturday, 25 April 2009 and let's see just how many Freaks we can pack into the Funeral Home!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

L$ 75,000!!!!

Yesterday was the kickoff for Relay for Life 2009. Freakheim is part of the Spinners for Life relay team, and we hosted an all-day bash at the Funeral Home. By the time I logged off last night, we had raised L$75,000 from the kiosk in the club alone. When I popped in this morning, I noticed that the team total was over L$96,000, thanks to the generous support from the patrons of Lounge of Dreams and other locations. I'd like to offer my sincere thanks to all of you for supporting Relay, and for the tremendous kickoff we had!!

This year, the Spinners for Life HQ building is on the Freakheim sim, just before you get to Frankenlust Holiday Shoppe. Pop in and check the message board for upcoming Spinners events. There is also an option to subscribe to event notices without having to join the group. Relay lasts a little over 4 months, and we will continue to have fund-raising events throughout that time. If you happen to find yourself with some spare L$ in you pocket, please consider donating it through any of the convenient kiosks gridwide. Every little bit does help, even L$1.

In 2008, Spinners raised L$418,000 and we plan to exceed that this year. This cause is near & dear to me personally, and I know it is to many of you, too. Thank you!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Yep....we hit that magic number last weekend!! Our little Band of Freaks is growing steadily, as more folks find out about the Freakiest little underground club inworld. Attendance has been great lately, and this month we're participating in the Twisted Hunt, so more folks are gonna be wandering in & out and hopefully staying for the party!! We have a few new Staff members, so make sure you come on down & give them a Freaky welcome!! Coming up this Saturday is more LIVE Blues from Kelvinblue Oh. If you haven't heard this fantastic artist, make sure you come & give him a listen!! We've moved the set back to 5PM SLT so it's more convenient, and I'll be spinning afterward. I'll try to post again soon, RL has me all wrapped up these days and when I do have free time, I'm inworld rockin your asses!!! Be Freaky!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

In Need of Hosties

As the weekend draws to a close, I figured I'd pop in & blather a bit. Freakheim's going strong, and the Band of Freaks has been hovering around 300 for a while recently. I know traffic's been off lately, but it's been down everywhere I go inworld. Pay no attention to the concurrent users number on the splash screen, as near as I can estimate, that figure represents about 30,000 bots.

You all know that Freakheim has the best music in SL, and very low lag. I'm always looking for DJs that have something to say musically, so if you know someone, pass their name to me. Right now, we are in need of hosts for several slots. If you would like to host for one of our kickass DJs, or know someone who would, send them over to talk to me or Sly.

There are some plans in the works to increase club traffic, including participation in a grid-wide hunt, sponsored events, and more. At Freakheim it's all about the music, and we are on a mission to make sure every music lover in SL has heard of us. I don't have much time to spend inworld these days, but when I am in, I do what I can to promote the club and our kickass Staff.

It looks like we all survived Valium Day, and now we enter the frantic run-up to Green Beer Day!! I like any holiday that focuses on heavy drinking & rowdiness!! Must be the Irish in me.....

Come on down to the Freakiest club in SL and bring along a friend or 5...someone will be the magic Freak Number 300 very soon!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Freakin' Weekend

Let's see...last time I was here I ran down the weekday sets, so let's have a look at the weekend lineup!!

Friday kicks off at 2PM with Krissy Mesmer and her hard-hitting set, Krissy is new to Fridays, come on down & check her out!! From 4-6 is the fabulous DJ Ishi with her unique mix of hard rock, JRock, and whatever else happens to cross her mind!! The Friday Freakshow from 6-8 is guaranteed to be the wackiest set of the night....yeah, I sometimes plan a set list but tend to follow the mood of the crowd, it's not unusual to hear everything from Bluegrass to Punk in the same set. Come on in & see if you can stump the freaky DJ!! Closing down Friday from 8-10 is Cyden Nightfire. Cyden has a huge music library and the sets are always kickass!!

Saturday's regular sets kick off at 11AM with Troy Kaminski, who has a love of classic Rock and plays some serious guitar tunes!! There is often a contest going on, and we've had some seriously wacky ones lately! From 1-3PM is the first part of the Dutch Assault, Marvel Kit. It took me a while to get Marv in here, but I'm glad I did! His sets definitely rock hard!! Marv has had RL commitments recently, and his slot has been filled by Guenevere DeCuir, fellow QR fanatic and lover of cheezy tuneage (and prone to on-air giggling fits). She's scheduled again this coming weekend, make sure to give her a listen!! 3-5PM Brings Part 2 of the Dutch Assault, the inimitable Ozark Hax. Oz is famous for finding the most bizarre tunes in the galaxy and mixing them into a hard-hitting set, you may end up laughing as much as dancing!! Rounding out Saturday is the Saturday Shred, THE show to see on Saturday night! (OK, a little self-promotion there)...but seriously, you know I'll play whatever, whenever, and I always have at least L$500 on the board.....

Sunday the rock keeps rolling with the TriLey show from 1-3PM The TriLey show is a dual-DJ set by the RL team of Trident & Bailey Runningbear. The music is always superb, the contests verge on naughty, and everyone has a blast!! From 3-5PM we have Tristan Micheline, and she can really spin a killer set!! She's definitely sick & twisted and a great soundtrack to Sunday!!
Finishing off the weekend, we have our very own Funeral Director, Sly Nirpaw from 5-7PM. Sly has a taste for the bizarre as well, and is a big fan of classic punk, thrash & garage Metal. One thing for sure, his sets are LOUD!!!

There you have it, the Freakin' Weekend lineup.....and remember, the Random Money Giver pays ya just for being a Freak!! See ya at Freakheim!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Freaky Goings On

Freakheim continues to rock the hell outta SL!! We've added several new staff members, shuffled some sets around, and generally raised the level of Freakiness to new heights!

Algenight Cline kicks off the week Mondays at Noon SLT with an eclectic mix of punk, classic Britpop and an on-air personality that must be heard to be appreciated!! This guy is definitely a Freak!!! His host is my SL daughter, Shay Hax, another recent addition to the FFH Staff.

Following Algenight from 2-4PM is another British standout, Dany Moonbeam. Dany has returned to the Freaky airwaves from an extended holiday and blasts into your afternoon with a hard-hitting serious Metal set. His host is the insane 5ynester Blackburn, also back from an extended break.

The 4-6PM slot is still being authoritatively rocked by meka Chaffe and hosted by Lacey Perterson. Serious mayhem has ensued during meka's sets, drop in & see what kind of trouble you can get into!! Last but not least, Aplonis Ember guides you into the night with the most eclectic mix in have no idea what you've been missing, the music's so good it's hard to tear myself away!! He's hosted by his RL partner Sylea, and these two have a chemistry to be admired!!

Tuesday brings another new addition to FFH, Krissy Mesmer. Last week tech issues kept her off the air, but she's poised & ready to rock your Tuesday from 2-4PM leading into Ishi's killer 4-6 set featuring the best of Hard Rock, JRock and Symphonic Metal.

Wednesday kicks off with Cyden Nightfire from 1-3PM, hosted by EYEkon Burner, another new Staffer. Cyden has a huge music library and wide tastes, from classic rock to Metal, the perfect way to start your SL afternoon!! TWISTMY Gears takes over from 3-5PM for a seriously rockin set. Rounding out the Wednesday lineup, Myn's Mid-Week Mania has returned every other week, her sets also span the entire musical spectrum; you really should come down & listen, but be prepared to be blown away!!! 5ynester Blackburn will provide the hosting duties & provide eye candy for the ladies! On the weeks Myn is off, Torrent Straaf will kick your Humpingday doldrums away with a kickass Rock/Metal/JRock set hosted by his lovely Dragon Yasayuki Kattun!!

Thursday starts off at Noon with another dose of Algenight Cline, hosted by IrisBlossom Nitely. From 2-4 Samantha Bainbridge has returned to Freakheim with even more attitude than before!! She's loud, obnoxious & proud!! Rhyanna Saphir will be your Freaky Host, and serious Freakiness often occurs, both musically & otherwise!! Rosie Rocks! is still holding down the 4-6 slot, now with 5ynester Blackburn as host. When Rosie needs to blow off steam, watch out!! Her "Angry" sets shake the foundation!! Closing out Thursday is Lainey Thorne with her eclectic mix of German Industrial, Hard Rock, and a smidge of Techno just for Freaky Flavor! Lainey's hosted by Rosie Wylie and she'll make sure you feel welcome!!

This post is getting a little long, so I'll save the weekend lineup for next time. Just make sure you drop by Freakheim and rock out to the best music in SL spun by the best DJs in SL. If you're lucky, I may even drop in and say some silly shit in chat guaranteed to make you laugh yourself Freaky!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Is cluelessness terminal? I hope so.......

By now, most of you have heard about the folks who had the chutzpah to tell me what I can & can't do in my own group chat. There's a detailed blow-by-blow over on Kaedy's blog (link on the right) so I needn't go into detail here. The fact the people are likely fertile makes me fear for the future of humanity. If only cluelessness were terminal. As Ron White is famous for saying, "You can't fix stupid" Unfortunately, the profoundly stupid happen to be some of the most fertile. This is likely some Darwinian survival mechanism, but it has been thwarted by the nanny state and the ever-present product warnings. Truthfully, there are some people who should use the hair dryer in the shower.

Another by-product of nanny-style government is the erosion of the concept of private property. We see it every day in ridiculous zoning ordinances, and the fact that you often need to jump through several flaming hoops of bureaucracy to get anything done at City Hall. I believe in the concept of the common good, and agree that zoning is a necessary evil. Sometimes, however, it goes way too far. But we the people have quietly accepted the concept of other people deciding what we can do with our property and have ceased fighting back. The exception is those of us who have bothered to read the US Constitution. I like fighting City Hall.

What all the above has to do with Freakheim & the band of Freaks is this: The club, and the group, belong to Kaedy & I. We make the rules. Our outlook is summed up quite nicely in the Group Charter. I realize that some people dislike aimless chatter or spam in the group window. LL has thoughtfully provided a mechanism to eliminate unwanted messages: close the window. Kind of like changing the channel if you don't like what's on TV. What some see as spam, others see as connecting with Group members. It's my way of saying hey & seeing what everyone's up to. The overwhelming consensus has been supportive of this concept, so Band of Freaks Group chat spam is here to stay. We love ya, and being Freaky is what we're all about. If you're doing something naughty, we want to hear about it.