Monday, July 6, 2009

Open House at Freak Hall

This past Sunday, we had an Open House at Freak Hall. Mainly because in over 2 years of being on SL, we've never had a party in our house! We used to always have them down on the beach (in the days before Freakheim). We used the opportunity to introduce Freakheim's newest DJ, Sabriel Azalee, and she put on a wonderfully eclectic set from 1-3PM. I followed up at 3, and ended up spinning till 6:30...that's right, 3 and a half hours of Freakiness!! I got to pull out tons of tunes I hadn't spun before, and many of our good friends and family managed to come by & tour the house & see how the Freaks live! I really wanted to show off the attic studio, which I moved from the former Surf Shack when we built the new house. By the end, we had had a pig roasting on a spit (in the attic!) and over 5 hours of the best music in SL! For me, the best sets are the ones where the audience interacts and really gets into the music. Sunday was one of those sets, and I delved into a little bit of everything from classic rock to Metal, to blues, to Symphonic Metal, name it. Thank you all who attended, it was my pleasure rocking your Sunday!