Saturday, December 19, 2009

3rd Annual Freakin' Xmas Bash 12/19

w00t!!! Three years running, The Freak Magnet promises to bring you the best & Freakiest tunes in all of SL, giant contest prizes, and more fun than any where in RL!! I apologize for the lateness of this posting, but my RL keeps taking twists & turns that keep me away from the fun stuff. This evening, however, is all about fun and Freakiness. From 1-5PM, we will have a DJ Battle, featuring the best Rock DJs in SL trying to stump each other with musical themes while keeping the Freakiness level high. Following the Battle, The Freak Magnet will be spinning a special Holiday Shred featuring holiday tunes you won't hear anywhere else (and some that you will), guaranteed to blow your mind!! Come on out for the last grand bash before Freakheim relocates and party like Music is all that matters.....because it is.