Thursday, August 26, 2010

Be a goat.

Saw a news clip on Yahoo yesterday about a 12-year-old boy in Texas being given an indefinite in-school suspension for having long hair. WTF is this crap? Can we please remove all the narrow-minded bassackwards people from positions of authority? This should have been settled 35 years ago when I went through it. Attacks on individuality are unAmerican. The boy's mother makes the statement that her son should be allowed to wear long hair because girls are allowed. The proper argument is that girls are allowed to wear theirs any way they like. I have never heard of a girl receiving discipline for having a crewcut. Sexual stereotyping is ILLEGAL, and violates our rights as individuals. I realize that the whole point of a government "education" system is to churn out good little subjects (sheep), who are afraid to express individuality. Beaten into submission so that they are easily controlled. We need to stand behind everyone who dares express an individual thought, rebels against the "norm", and otherwise refuses to be a sheep. The kid in the story is a budding metalhead....awesome!! I refer to those of us who continually question authority and bullheadedly refuse to subordinate our individuality as "goats". Be a goat. It is our individuality that differentiates humans from every other species. Any institution that attempts to strip us of our individuality and mold us to their ideal needs to be eliminated.