Monday, November 1, 2010

Going out with a bang

It's been said many times in show business that you should go out with a bang, and that we did. Freakatorium hosted a Halloween week full of scheduled events that culminated in a true Freak Halloween bash, complete with DJ Battle and guest DJs. On the night of Halloween itself, we decided to close down.

Those of you who are long-time Freaks remember how it all started, Kaedy & I would host grand parties on our island every now & then so we could feature the best music in SL without being constrained by club rules. Eventually that morphed into Freakheim, a club that focused on the music, with a mission to showcase the world's widest array of DJs and interpreted "rock" very broadly.

When RL got the best of me and forced me to close Freakheim, some of my awesome, long-time Staff decided to open Freakatorium to keep the music playing. In spite of our best efforts, the decision was made to close down and go on hiatus. The Freak brand is very dear to me, and I realized that in order to ensure that music takes center stage, I needed to be involved in a much greater capacity than I had time for.

I'd like to publicly thank Ishi, Rhyanna, Zak, Phedre & Oz for all their efforts. Freakatorium got off to a great start, and things were rolling along until RL began taking its toll once again. Between family commitments, computer malfunctions, and the general stress of running a club, the fun began slipping away. I made the decision to quit while we were ahead, and put the Freak club on hiatus until I am able to commit to running a club again.

The Band of Freaks started out as my personal Group, and will return to that. I'll be playing here & there on the grid, so keep an eye out for announcements. We will also be having the usual major parties, just like in the old days. We're planning something for Thanksgiving week, and of course the Freakin' Xmas Bash. I do plan to reopen Freakheim at some point in the future, in the meantime make sure you keep tabs on your favorite Freakin' DJs and go hear them wherever they may be playing!