Sunday, April 27, 2014

Still Undead & Rockin'

I poked the Bookmark entry to see if this blog was still takin' up space out here. Sure enough, it is. Roughly 34 months since my last post. Time is fun when you're having flies, or something like that. One of my last posts was from May, 2011 regarding the Grand Opening of Rock U. Today my avi is wearing one of the Rock U tanks Twisty made, kind of my default uniform since I'm not in much anymore.

Most of you know that one of my partners from Rock U, Injure Rogers, passed away on December 24, 2012. I still am finding it hard to come to terms with that. I'm always finding music I'd like to share with her. The last post before this one was to mark the sudden passing of Kelvinblue Oh, a man who personified the Blues. Injure was the personification of the punky Rock chick, tough as nails & sweet as honey. Loyal to a fault with great taste in music. She was also one of the success stories, someone who had found her true RL love through SL. I had planned to go out West to visit her & Dom that Fall, but my work situation changed & I lost all my vacation time. I got paid for it, but that's not the same.

Folks, you can't take too many vacations. Once again, my work sitch is changing, this time into totally uncharted territory. Yay, another check & no vacation. FML. Last real vacation I had was 2009, and that was the first one in 10 years. Yeah, I took time off, but never a true vacation. The end result is exhaustion from lack of sleep & the constant stress of everyday life. Even my doctor said I needed a vacation. I asked him if he was gonna pay for it. People are often amazed that the French drink heavily, smoke, and eat rich foods yet have a low incidence of heart disease and other stress-related ailments. One of the primary reasons is that they prioritize taking a vacation. Damn near the entire country is closed during August.

So yeah, back to the title. I'm still collecting music & making new discoveries almost daily. I spent last Summer DJing car shows and got a lot of compliments. Having an encyclopedic music collection comes in handy. I really miss my SL sets, but things are so unpredictable now it's not worth the effort. We had started a remodeling project here, and my studio was disassembled. All the music & instruments as well as most of the equipment is in storage. Then another load hit the fan......  yep, project is on temporary hold. Meanwhile, I'm trying to change RL careers. Wish me luck. I look at it as an adventure, but it is time-consuming.

I did do an anniversary set at SR with Guen, and I suppose I should pop in & do another set soon. I have enough gear left to do that. I just don't have everything at my fingertips like before. Or my external mixer, pro mic, etc. Lil had me talked into helping out at a club she was working at, then she just poofed before I got a chance. Ack. If you read this far, thanks. I promise to Rock U soon!