Monday, August 25, 2008

Another fun week

Well, despite LL's best attempts to fuck things up, we had another fun week at Freakheim!
Myn was unable to get in on Wednesday, so her 80s set has been rescheduled to this Wednesday, 8/27. Thursday brought the Killer tunes of Rosie Rocks! and the return of my Li'l Sis, LadyStar to hosting at Freakheim. Following Rosie, the fabulous Ishi rocked out a solid set and we got quite a dose of that awesome voice! Ishi returned on Friday to keep things rockin and kicked off the weekend in style!

On Saturday, Oz decided to celebrate the end of summer with a Summer Camp theme...complete with tents, campfires, s'mores and more! I decided it wouldn't be camping without wildlife, and showed up as a red fox.

Of course, it wouldn't be a campout without spooky stories, so the Shred featured movie monsters & villains. As you see, Freddy & Jason came with murder on their minds!

Of course, more fun is in store this week, as we kick off with Monday Decapitation, so make sure you stop by Freakheim & catch the best music in SL!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Week That ROCKED!!!

I know I posted about April's Monday set last post, but here's another pic from when things went seriously psychedelic:

On Wednesday, Myn's Mid-Week Mania had a "Myn's Diner" theme, and she played music from the 40s through the 60s. There were diner tables, 50s outfits, and even a picture of "The Fonz" on display, as well as my hotrod. I had to leave halfway through to get to my own set, and it was hard because the music was awesome!!

Thursday saw the return of Rosie Rocks! and man, did she ever!! RL had thrown her a few curveballs lately, and her set featured quite a bit of angry music. It did the trick, though, cuz by the end of the set we were all in a great mood!

Also on Thursday, Sly took the stream in place of the vacationing Ishi, and I hosted. Yep, I suck as a host. On the other hand, Sly totally rocks as a DJ and has an amazingly broad collection of music. You should definitely try to catch one of his sets, either at Freakheim or elsewhere. I'm hoping to get him into regular rotation at some point, so keep an eye on the calendar!

For his Saturday set, Oz had a "buccaneer" theme, complete with treasure chests, maps, loot, rum, and even a pirate ship inside the club! Everyone who came looked dashing, and the music was once again top-notch!

The decorations were so cool, I decided to leave them up for the Shred and my "Warriors" theme. Basically anyone who preferred to shoot first and ask questions later was eligible, and we had everything from pirates to a Trojan show up, armed to the teeth! I slid in a lot of different tunes, and even ended up going into overtime. The party was going along so well, I played till 8PM!

Stay tuned for more craziness, as this Wednesday Mn's Mid-Week Mania features the 80s, and Thursday brings Rosie Rocks! and the return of DJ Ishi. And, of course, plan to be at Freakheim on Saturday for Oz's Summer Camp set as well as the Saturday Shred!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

And the music just kept on Rockin'!!!

On Sunday, Gorgeous Guenevere DeCuir kicked off with a cross-dressing event. Guen will be playing Freakheim every other Sunday 3-5PM SLT, make sure you come out and rock with us! In theme with the event, Guen played a covers set, with some really outrageous tunes! Everyone who came had a killer time, and Camthan Hax won the contest with the outfit pictured below:

On Monday, April Coswell returned with her Monday Decapitation set that she does more or less every other Monday. We had a great turnout, and the tunes were superb! Anything & everything got into the mix, from Metal to Punk, to seriously bizarre requests; it was truly a celebration of having survived the beginning of the work week! As part of a Relay for Life wager, April agreed to spend a month blond & girly...take a good look at the pic below, by the time the next Monday Decapitation rolls around, April will be back to her edgy self!!
That's all for now, I hope to be able to keep the posts regular, at least weekly for the time being. Make sure you check the calendar page for upcoming events, and I'll see ya at Freakheim!!

Wild, Crazy, Rockin' Saturday!!!

The festivities this past Saturday started off once again with Oz's set, a "Twisted Disney" theme. Lots of great costumes were seen, and Kaedy outdid herself with the decorations!! There were rainbows & bluebirds & butterflies, as well as Disney characters in compromising case ya ever wondered what they got up to when the cameras weren't rolling!

For his entire set, Ozark was "Sleeping Ozzy", complete with glass coffin! I didn't see the enchanted kiss that woke him, maybe it was just a frog! I missed the first half of the set due to computer issues, but the hour I was there completely kicked ass!!

The decorations were so over-the-top that we just left them up for the Saturday Shred, where we celebrated the immortals among us with an "Undead" theme. Yes, my streaming computer had been exorcised, and my mic once again worked. One of the various Micro$uck Updates had rendered my mic silent earlier in the day and I spent a couple hours troubleshooting it. Thanks to Rollback I was able to rock out as usual for the Shred.

Things are picking up at the club, though I will be disappearing into the void of school next week. Fear not, it will be business as usual and I'll be there for the Shred just like every Saturday. I will, however, be very scarce during the week, but Kaedy & Sly will keep things going. Don't forget to check out the mall next door to the club, containing the relocated Freaky Beaver, Collisions, FUBAR, and Masters of Lust.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Freakheim has moved!!

Freakheim Funeral Home has moved! Make sure you have the new LM, the old one will drop ya on an empty lot. Same rockin' place, and we have a new dance floor too! Tonight Oz's event will be "Household Accidents", so be prepared for blood & gore LOL!!! 3-5PM SLT @ Freakheim.

Following Oz will be the Saturday Shred from 5-7PM where we'll be "Playing Doctor!" L$500 will be on the board for best in Hospital.....naughty nurses, sadistic surgeons, even mad scientists are welcome!! Of course, patients are needed too, especially in those gowns with the open back......seeya there for fun & gropes!!