Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Humpingday

Yep, I know, I'm waaay late this week. RL has been a real sonofabitch lately, and it's sucking up what little spare time I have. Last week at Freakheim rocked out nonetheless, starting with Fury Aeon on Tuesday, & Rosie & Lainey on Thursday.

Saturday started off with a bang, as we had a live set from Kelvinblue Oh, Texas bluesman extraordinaire and survivor of Hurricane Ike. Yep, ol' Kev decided to ride it out & said the house was definitely a-rockin' but not from his guitar. He managed to have power & internet restored in time for Saturday's set, and knocked out an hour of killer electric Blues.

Oz was stuck in RL Saturday evening, but we still got our Dutch Treat, as Marvel Kit filled in for him. Marv's set kicked ass, and everyone there had fun. I hope to get Marv in as a regular set sometime soon. Oz did manage to make it to Freakheim for the end of Marv's set & he hung around for my "Strange" set. I played a lot of strange tunes, and there were plenty of strange avies at the club. I came as the Road Runner.....yep, the cartoon character.

The week finished off with another great set from Gorgeous Guenevere. She had a movie theme and played a lot of soundtrack tunes & general killer trax. Not a lot of bodies there, and if you missed it, shame on you!! Guen plays every other Sunday, so mark your calendars for her next set, 5 October.

This week sees the return of Myn's Mid-week Mania on Wednesday, followed by Rosie & Lainey on Thursday, and Oz & I on Saturday. Oh, before I forget, the shopping area has been completely redone into a Gothic village, and Kaedy opened up a Halloween shop at the far end of the parcel. Make sure you check it out, there's waycool stuffs in there unavailable anywhere else inworld! Since I'm running 2 days late, I decided to skip the pix this week, but I'll try to get some in my next posting. See ya at Freakheim!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Freak Week in Review

Once again, Freakheim rocked the dead! This week saw Fury Aeon on Tuesday for another extended set, he ran late enough that I was able to catch some of it after I got home, you need to make sure to stop by Tuesdays 4-6 and rock out with him!

Myn's Mid-Week Mania returned on Wednesday, and those who came had a rockin' good time!! She definitely has a way with tunes, make sure you check the calendar for her sets and get over Humpday rockin' in style!

On Thursday, Rosie and Lainey kept the walls shakin' for 4 solid hours of tunes & good times! These ladies definitely know how to get an early start on the weekend, there's no better music inworld than right here at Freakheim!

Saturday's festivities kicked off with a live set by The RAILS from Toronto, Canada. They're friends of mine, and always put on a fun, rockin' show with their irreverent brand of "Rock-n-Raoul"! If you haven't heard them, make it a point to do so soon! This set was extra-special, as Tallulah Tripsa was visiting and sat in on drums for the set. Amazing what a Pushy Cat can do!

Kaedy once again went wild with the docorations, and the whole club was transformed into a surreal, spooky forest. This was perfect for Oz's theme, which was "Creatures of the Night". All manner of ghouls, vamps, werewolves & more turned out to dance thru the fog to some seriously killer tunes! We had enough participants to get the prize up to L$1000, and the Random Money Giver lined a few pockets as well!

Kaedy asked me to do a KISS set, and since it segued perfectly from Oz's it seemed like a natural! We had 2 hours of KISS spanning their entire career, and lots of kickass costumes as well! As you can tell by the pix, the decorations were seriously kickass, if you haven't been to one of our themed nights you're really missing out!

This coming week we'll have Fury Aeon on Tuesday 4-6, Rosie Rocks! Thursday 4-6, and Lainey Thorne Thursday 6-8. RL has kept Ishi from Fridays recently, but keep an eye out for a notice, she may be able to pop in and JRock for ya! Kelvinblue Oh is scheduled to bring his live Texas Blues to Freakheim on Saturday at 11AM, but since he is in the Houston area his availability is in question. He is all right, but without power at this time. I will update you as I know more, but please keep him in your thoughts. Oz is off this Saturday for RL, but I'll be there with the Shred as usual. No idea what the theme will be, but I can guarantee the music will rock you to your core! And last but not least, Gorgeous Guenevere will return on Sunday 3-5PM!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rockin the Freak out!!!

This past week started off with the debut of Fury Aeon on Tuesday, he was scheduled 4-6, but ended up doing some serious overtime. It was a hell of a debut & he rocked the place wide open. Make sure you drop in this Tuesday for his set!

On Thursday, Rosie rocked out from 4-6, and I actually got back in time to catch the end of her set. It was definitely the rockinest place inworld!! Rosie has proven herself a serious Rock DJ, come on down on Thursday and see what all the buzz is about!! At 6 PM, Lainey Thorne took over for her debut set at Freakheim, and spun one seriously kickass mix!! The tunes were so good I found it hard to leave, but eventually crawled into the coffin for some much needed rest.

On Friday, Murphy (of Murphy's Law) showed up in force. Ishi started out by having SL issues, and after several relogs got that under control, only to have ISP issues before her set even started. She's on the sched for this Friday, hopefully everything goes as planned. Sly jumped in & spun for a while, so there was rockin' at Freakheim on Friday!!

On Saturday, silliness took over with Oz's Trailer Trash set. Some seriously weird (but excellent) tuneage was played, and the costumes were outrageous! Kaedy once agin did some killer decorating, and we had trailers, kiddie pools, beer, KFC, you name it!!

Here's a pic of Kaedy showing her Redneck side, dancing her smexxxy ass of, but not spilling a drop of that beer!!

For the Shred, I had decided to do Part 6 of my Symphonic Metal series, and figured a Formal event would set the tone nicely. After some hurried clothes changing, with fangs crossed due to the asset server issues, we proceeded to rock the dead highbrow style!! There's so much more of this music I want to share, so keep a lookout for Part 7!!

On Sunday, Guen decided to do an underwear event for her bi-weekly set and it proved to be very popular!! The asset server issues had abated by then, and all our friends showed up in their skivvies for some awesome tunes!! I even took a study break and dropped in for the set, hard to resist a room full of folks in their undies!!

This week looks to be another rock fan's dream, starting out with Monday Decapitation from April Coswell, Fury Aeon on Tuesday, Myn's Mid-Week Mania on Wednesday, Rosie & Lainey on Thursday, and hopefully Ishi on Friday.

Saturday promises to be absolutely insane, starting off with live music from the RAILS at 2, followed by Oz from 3-5 with his "Creatures of the Night" event, and topped off by the Saturday Shred from 5-7. This week's Shred will be a KISS event..yes, the band, 2 hours of KISS from thoughout their career, and a contest for the best KISS outfit!! Time to start shopping!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lost in Space!!!

Well, another kickass week at Freakheim, definitely loud enough to rock the dead! We kicked off the week with Monday Decapitation, April Coswell's set that guarantees to blow the head clean off the Monday Blues....and it did!! After a typical Monday in RL, it's always a treat to have April erase the painful memories with 2 hours of awesome tuneage!! The next Monday Decapitation is scheduled for Sept. 8, 4-6PM SLT......come out & hear what you've been missing!

Tuesday's still a blank date on the calendar, if you know someone who wants to do a 4-6 set on Tuesdays, have them contact me or Sly & we'll set them up!

Wednesday saw the return of Myn's Mid-Week Mania, and boy did it rock! I've known Myn almost since I've been in SL, and she always delivers an awesome set, usually around a theme...check the calendar for details!

Rosie Rocks! returned for Thursday 4-6, and did she ever! Rafter-shaking tunes, bawdy conversations, general silliness and more made the 2 hours fly by! Ishi had to bow out of her Thursday set due to RL, but this week will see the debut of Lainey Thorne at Freakheim for the 6-8PM set. Lainey plays a broad mix of rock with a little German Industrial thrown in for good measure. Come on down this Thursday and give her a warm Freakheim welcome!

Friday saw the return of Ishi, and it was one of her best sets ever! For once her computer played nice and the set rocked from start to finish...and of course her voice was as captivating as ever. Her RL is almost as hectic as mine, but she plans to continue her Friday 4-6, so make sure you drop in for a unique mix of hard rock, Metal, JRock & more!!

On Saturday, SL's skeletal bassist, Dolmere Talamasca dropped in for an hour of his Basstastic Perversions. We had the club decorated with a Space theme for the DJ sets, and Dolmere fit right in....really, I do think he's from space...and man can that dude wail on the bass! He had a color-change script that responded to colors shouted out by the audience, including Rainbow!!

A panned- out shot showing off Kaedy's kickass decorating:

After Dolmere's set, Oz got on the stream for his Alien Invasion set and played 2 hours of alien and space themed tunes. The costumes were as outrageous as usual, and everyone had a blast!

Since the place was all decked out....including a flyable spaceship that you could walk around in...I continued the Space theme for the Shred with a Sci-Fi contest and 2 more hours of Space-themed music including some serious rarities. The crowd was small, but those in attendance had a great time. I was in a Chewbacca avie for my set....nope, no pix, you had to be there to see it!

This week is shaping up to rock out like always, starting with Myn on Wednesday, Rosie & Lainey on Thursday and Ishi on Friday. This Saturday, the Shred will feature Part 6 of my iconic Symphonic Metal set in celebration of Lucy's Rezday. If you haven't heard one of these sets, do not miss it!! I play tunes that blend the melodies & structure of Symphonic music with Metal instrumentation; from bands like Queensryche, Therion, Nightwish, Evanescence & more!!