Monday, October 27, 2008

Freakheim Halloween Party Schedule

OK Freaks, you all know Halloween is my favorite holiday…..and Freakheim’s all about spookiness…..not to mention that Freakheim will also be celebrating its 6-month anniversary!! Anyways, I figured I’d give ya a heads up on our big Halloween Party!! Contest prizes will be HUGE and will pay out to the top 3 contestants, so make sure you dress up & get up on the board! And yes, if the page is filled, the prize will double!

Friday, 10/31
4-6PM Ishimaru Kohime
Contest: Monsters/Anime/Manga. Come dressed as Godzilla, Sailor Moon, dragons (small, please) Nekos, or any other Japanese-inspired avie!!
L$2500 on the board for the Top 3!

6-8PM Friday Freakshow with The Freak Magnet
Contest: Nightmares: What keeps you awake at night? Spiders? Vampires? Werewolves? Come dressed as the things that go bump in the night!!
L$2500 on the board for the Top 3!

8-10PM DJ April’s All-Dead Halloween
Contest: DEAD! Dead celebrities, Zombies, corpses, etc. Slip into that ghostly white skin & dress like Bogey, Lucy, Mr. Ed, or anyone else no longer among the living!!
L$2500 on the board for the Top 3!

Saturday 11/1
1-5 PM DJ Freakout Battle
Some of our DJs decided they would battle it out to see who has the Freakiest tunes, so they’re gonna be swapping the stream back & forth in an effort to out-Freak each other!!

1-3PM Contest: Costume Party! Just about anything goes, cartoons, animals, monsters, just like a RL costume party!
L$2500 on the board for the Top 3!

3-5PM Contest: Like an animal! Yep, Furries, Nekos, cartoon critters, all sorts of wildlife! Let out the animal inside and you can win!!!
L$2500 on the board for Top 3!

5-7PM Saturday Shred with The Freak Magnet
Contest: SMEXXXY-Scary……the fine line between Fear & Lust…what can you come up with? I bet you have something lurking in that evil mind of yours!!! Show some flesh (preferably bloody) and win!!
L$2500 on the board for the Top 3!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting ready for Halloween

Once again, RL has gotten away from me and I've fallen behind. Freakheim has definitely been rockin' along, with killer sets every night of the week! Of all the clubs in SL, we definitely feature the widest variety of Rock, and each DJ brings their own unique interpretation. Recently, Sly has been spinning as a fill-in, and every time he does it's memorable!

If you haven't been by the club recently, we have it all decked out for Halloween, with graveyards inside & out, spooky trees & a giant cauldron of candy!! Halloween festivities this year will be held both on Friday night 10/31 and Saturday evening 11/1, so make sure you pop in!! Prizes on Halloween will be a lot larger than normal, so stay tuned to the notices for contest themes.

I'll try to get some pix posted next time, just wanted you to know I was still undead & kickin' Another great reason to pop by Freakheim on Halloween is the Grid Wide Pumpkin Hunt. Details are available in the club and in the mall area. If you like free stuffs and treasure hunting, you definitely have to get in on this!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

More Freakiness this past weekend

Oz decided on a real flashback this past Saturday......clear back to the Stone Age!! We had dinosaurs, cavemen, freaky Flintstones tunes, you name it!! Oz definitely knows how to put the Freak in Freakheim!!

For the Shred, I decided on "Under the Covers" as a theme....2 hours of killer cover tunes, and the best in sleepwear. Here's Kaedy showing off her smexxxy undies as I play along on the floor!

And, of course, plenty more good times & killer tunes coming up this week! Inked Jewell returns Monday night 6-8, JSD Etzel Tuesday 6-8, Myn's Mid-Week Mania Wednesday 5-7, And our new Triple Threat Thursday!! Dany Moonbeam will rock you 1:30-3:30, Rosie Rocks! at 4, and Lainey at 6!! Talk about rockin' overdose!!! And once you finally get some rest it will be time to kick off the weekend with DJ Ishi on Friday at 4 followed by the Friday Freakshow at 6. On Saturday, Oz is on 3-5 and the Saturday Shred 5-7...stay tuned for know the music will kick ass & the prizes will be big!!!

Got Pix this time! WooHoo!!

Above is a pic from April's Monday Decapitation set, we had an awesome turnout for a Monday, and decided to have a "Fuck Monday" contest.....almost everyone got in on that and the tunes were incredibly kickass!!

Here's a pic from Oz's Cowboy set last week....we had pink ponies, purple ponies, and even a Centaur as well as cowboys & Indians. We also found out that Kaedy could shoot her cow gun and open the barn doors!

Following that set was my "Strange" set.....and this guy definitely took that to heart! Check out the Mohawk & fangs on Mr. Happy!

Ishi changed form several times last Friday, eventually settling on the purple & black kitty, all while rocking the place apart!

I decided on a "Hell Yeah, it's Friday!" theme for the Freakshow, and everyone seemed to have a rockin' time! We even had good participation in the contest!
As you can see, Freakheim seriously rocked all week long!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another Humpingday Post

Well, another insane week in the life of a Freak. Friday seriously kicked ass, starting off with DJ Ishi and then the Freakshow at Freakheim! Saturday rocked out, with Oz and his Cowboys event folowed by the Saturday Shred. Ended up going overtime on the Shred, got caught up in some Celtic rock reqests and one song led to another........

On Sunday, Gorgeous Guenevere rocked for 2 1/2 hours, it was a seriously kickass set!! On Monday, Inked Jewell came in and blew the place apart from 6-8, and Tuesday saw the return of JSD Etzel for the most eclectic set of the week. That brings us up to tonight, and Myn's rockin' the 80s as we speak.

Coming up Thursday will be Rosie & Lainey, then Ishi & my Freakshow on Friday. One of these days I'll get some pix up, in fact I'm doing this from my streaming comp and not the one with the pix on it.

Whatever ya do, make sure you catch some sets at Freakheim, it's definitely the home of the best music in SL!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Time is fun when you're having flies

Damn.....even later than last week. If this keeps up, I'm going to have to uninstall RL. Just takes up too much of my time. A few changes in the club, more kickass music headed your way!! Last week cruised on from Wednesday into the weekend, Rosie & Lainey rocked Thursday and Ishi popped in for Friday. Oz returned for a Slaves & Masters event and I followed up with a "Strange" event. Lotsa folks showed up, prizes were doubled, and the music was the best in SL.

So far this week, we've heard the return of Monday Decapitation with April Coswell, killer turnout for a Monday!! It was a RL bad day for me, and I seriously needed some good music. By the time the set was half over, I was laughing out loud at April's Freaky tunes and jamming along with the rest. Due to RL, the Monday Decapitation won't return until 10/27, but April promises to pop in the week of the 20th if at all possible.

Following April on Monday was guest DJ Dom Manatiso filling in for Inked Jewell and any life left in Monday was blown away. Dom delivered an intense set of Metal, Hardcore & Screamo that lit the sim next door on fire! Dom's set also saw the debut of Crystle Penucca as host. She's definitely a Freak and did a fine job her first night hosting.

Tuesday saw the return to the airwaves of JSD Etzel. He & I played the same club over a year ago, and we were constantly challenging each other with off-the-wall requests. RL has kept him off the air for several months, but he's back and spinning at Freakheim. There's really no way to describe his set except "Absolutely anything, anytime". Bluegrass, acoustic, classic rock, Metal, name it it's in there.....and sounding great!!

Myn's Mid-Week Mania returned on Wednesday, and kicked off Halloween with a bang! Why wait? The Freakiest club in SL, just down the block from the coolest Halloween Shop in SL was the perfect place to kick off Halloween early! Joining Myn was our newest host, Staroftesun Criss, and they kept the place jumping!

Tonight we have Rosie Rocks! at 4 and Lainey Thorne at 6. So grab some food, drinks, whatever, and get yourself down to Freakheim for the rockinest 4 hours inworld every Thursday! OK, now the big news....the Friday Freakshow has moved to Freakhiem!!! Ishi's on 4-6 and then the Freakshow roars in from 6-8 with my usual eclectic mix of whatever the hell I feel like playing added to your Rockin' requests!!! I'm also slotted at Burning Life from 8-10, if you wanna keep rockin', IM me & I'll send a taxi!

Saturday will feature Oz at 3 and the Saturday Shred with me from 5-7. We get to extend the weekend this week, as Gorgeous Guen is back on Sunday 3-5PM.

I don't know when I'll get back to posting pix, but I do have them and I'll eventually get them up here. Till then, stay Freaky & keep on Rockin'!!!!