Sunday, February 15, 2009

In Need of Hosties

As the weekend draws to a close, I figured I'd pop in & blather a bit. Freakheim's going strong, and the Band of Freaks has been hovering around 300 for a while recently. I know traffic's been off lately, but it's been down everywhere I go inworld. Pay no attention to the concurrent users number on the splash screen, as near as I can estimate, that figure represents about 30,000 bots.

You all know that Freakheim has the best music in SL, and very low lag. I'm always looking for DJs that have something to say musically, so if you know someone, pass their name to me. Right now, we are in need of hosts for several slots. If you would like to host for one of our kickass DJs, or know someone who would, send them over to talk to me or Sly.

There are some plans in the works to increase club traffic, including participation in a grid-wide hunt, sponsored events, and more. At Freakheim it's all about the music, and we are on a mission to make sure every music lover in SL has heard of us. I don't have much time to spend inworld these days, but when I am in, I do what I can to promote the club and our kickass Staff.

It looks like we all survived Valium Day, and now we enter the frantic run-up to Green Beer Day!! I like any holiday that focuses on heavy drinking & rowdiness!! Must be the Irish in me.....

Come on down to the Freakiest club in SL and bring along a friend or 5...someone will be the magic Freak Number 300 very soon!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Freakin' Weekend

Let's see...last time I was here I ran down the weekday sets, so let's have a look at the weekend lineup!!

Friday kicks off at 2PM with Krissy Mesmer and her hard-hitting set, Krissy is new to Fridays, come on down & check her out!! From 4-6 is the fabulous DJ Ishi with her unique mix of hard rock, JRock, and whatever else happens to cross her mind!! The Friday Freakshow from 6-8 is guaranteed to be the wackiest set of the night....yeah, I sometimes plan a set list but tend to follow the mood of the crowd, it's not unusual to hear everything from Bluegrass to Punk in the same set. Come on in & see if you can stump the freaky DJ!! Closing down Friday from 8-10 is Cyden Nightfire. Cyden has a huge music library and the sets are always kickass!!

Saturday's regular sets kick off at 11AM with Troy Kaminski, who has a love of classic Rock and plays some serious guitar tunes!! There is often a contest going on, and we've had some seriously wacky ones lately! From 1-3PM is the first part of the Dutch Assault, Marvel Kit. It took me a while to get Marv in here, but I'm glad I did! His sets definitely rock hard!! Marv has had RL commitments recently, and his slot has been filled by Guenevere DeCuir, fellow QR fanatic and lover of cheezy tuneage (and prone to on-air giggling fits). She's scheduled again this coming weekend, make sure to give her a listen!! 3-5PM Brings Part 2 of the Dutch Assault, the inimitable Ozark Hax. Oz is famous for finding the most bizarre tunes in the galaxy and mixing them into a hard-hitting set, you may end up laughing as much as dancing!! Rounding out Saturday is the Saturday Shred, THE show to see on Saturday night! (OK, a little self-promotion there)...but seriously, you know I'll play whatever, whenever, and I always have at least L$500 on the board.....

Sunday the rock keeps rolling with the TriLey show from 1-3PM The TriLey show is a dual-DJ set by the RL team of Trident & Bailey Runningbear. The music is always superb, the contests verge on naughty, and everyone has a blast!! From 3-5PM we have Tristan Micheline, and she can really spin a killer set!! She's definitely sick & twisted and a great soundtrack to Sunday!!
Finishing off the weekend, we have our very own Funeral Director, Sly Nirpaw from 5-7PM. Sly has a taste for the bizarre as well, and is a big fan of classic punk, thrash & garage Metal. One thing for sure, his sets are LOUD!!!

There you have it, the Freakin' Weekend lineup.....and remember, the Random Money Giver pays ya just for being a Freak!! See ya at Freakheim!!