Sunday, March 21, 2010

DJ Battle coming soon!!

Yep, we have another one of our famous DJ Battles scheduled for 3 April, 1-5PM SLT. As of now, we have Lainey Thorne, Guenevere DeCuir and Ozark Hax lined up, we should have a total of 5 by the time the Battle rolls around. I've been so swamped by RL that I haven't followed up on all the messages, but you can be sure that the Freakiest tunes in SL will be played, the contests will be Freaky, and we'll raise a lot of L$ for Relay!!!

We just had another kickass week at Freakheim, with Ishi taking some open sets since she had some free time. We still have a lot of holes in the calendar however, and I'll need all of you to keep your ears open for DJs who are Freak material. If you hear somebody you think would be a good fit, send 'em to me and I'll give them a listen!! I don't get out & about as much as I used to, and I'm relying on my awesome Staff to be my eyes & ears, let's keep the Freak train rolling!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

RFL 2010 Kickoff ROCKED!!

As most of you know, the 2010 SL Relay For Life kicked off this past Saturday, 13 March. Freakheim's home team, so to speak, is Spinners for Life. I've personally been a member of this team since its inception, and it is really a great bunch of people. The inaugural event was an Exhibition of Freakiness with myself & April Coswell sharing the stream and spinning the Freakiest tunes in the Galaxy. We raised over L$15000 at this event, a great start by any measure. Relay runs until mid-July, so stay tuned for more events as the season goes on.

Relay for Life is a personal cause of mine, the recent advances in cancer research and detection has saved the lives of many people close to me. Unfortunately, I lost a co-worker last month to cancer. It brought home the fact that there is more work to be done, and every penny donated helps. If at all possible, donate to Relay through the kiosk to the right of the front doors of the club. Or any Relay kiosk. It's not about Spinners, it's about saving lives.

Thank you all who attended the Kickoff, we had a Freakin' blast as always!! The next major event scheduled is Saturday 3 April, we're going to have a DJ Battle from 1-5PM featuring the best DJs in SL spinning the best music in SL. Come by and dance, enter the contests, and donate to Relay.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

For the love of Music

Yes, that's why Freakheim exists, and why it keeps on rolling no matter what. I was rockin out to some serious old skool a few days ago, I like to toss in classic Metal as well as the new stuff I dig up. So many listeners weren't even around back then and I love to turn 'em on to the roots of Metal. The lyrics to one song seemed to fit the Freakheim mission, as well as my life creed. I don't usually post song lyrics, but these are so dead on I had to. From Judas Priest's first album, Rocka-Rolla released in 1974:

One For The Road

Where would you be without music
You would be nowhere at all
We wouldn't be here doing this now
If you weren't having a ball

One for the road, sharing our load, show us the way

Can you imagine the silence
Not even the pink or white noise
Well thankfully we've got the license
To have us some fun with the boys

One for the road, sharing our load, show us the way

The melody line's fascinating
The rhythm is something divine
It sends our adrenaline racing
To see you all moving so fine

One for the road, sharing our load, show us the way
One for the road...

That's it, just had to share that...rock on & see ya Friday!!