Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Helluva Party!!!

Freakheim's 2nd Anniversary Bash was a loud, Freaky event!! We had 4 of Freakheim's best DJs battling it out for 4 hours, wacky contests, and The Freak Magnet returning to The Saturday Shred!! The place was packed all afternoon & evening, and Freakiness was had by all. Contest participation was down, seems I just can't give away money LOL. The good news is, that means folks were there for the MUSIC, which is what Freakheim is all about!! It warms my undead heart that there are people who value killer tunes as much as I do, and they're willing to give up a significant part of their Saturday to rock with a bunch of Freaks!! It's been a wild 2 years, and we plan to keep the music going just as long as we can. The schedule is filling out once again, and I'm on the lookout for even more DJs and live acts, so stay tuned!! This coming Saturday, 1 May, both Etherian Kamaboko and Kelvinblue Oh are returning to the Freakheim stage starting at 5PM SLT!! Come on down for some awesome LIVE music, Freak style!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Anniversary Bash this Saturday, 24 April!!!

Just a quick reminder that we're gonna have a big Freakin' party this Saturday to celebrate 2 years of maximum Freakiness!!! From 1-5 PM we're having a DJ Battle with an alphabet theme, and from 5-7 The Freak Magnet will return from exile to shred your Saturday!! We'll have hourly contests, big prizes, and the best music in the galaxy, so clear your calendar and plan to be at Freakheim!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Freakin' Week!!

Damn, it's already been a week! As usual, Freakheim rocked all week long, I've been seeing a lot of new faces in the club, and that's awesome!! I know we've been steadily adding Freaks, and the word continues to get out that we have the BEST MUSIC on the grid!! And I'll say it again, the FFH Staff is superb!! Rhyanna has joined the DJ ranks, adding yet another hat to her collection, she's been filling in when a DJ needs off, and her sets seriously rock!!! I still manage to get in every day, if only for a while, and enjoy myself every time I do. Another couple weeks & my exile will be over, and I plan to roar back with a vengeance!! In my absence, Bane Jinx has been totally slaying on the weekends, for which I'm grateful.

We have a few ideas in the works for the late Spring/Summer, so never fear, the Freakiness will be turned up a notch! We'll get back to the live acts as soon as I can guarantee my presence, I realize that I've let that slip somewhat, but my RL commitments make scheduling impossible. There are still a few holes in the DJ calendar, if you can pick one up, or can recommend a DJ, let us know!! And most of all, thanks for being a Freak!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

DJ Battle Rescheduled to 24 April

I got sidetracked last week & never did manage to post. As you have probably figured out, the DJ Battle got rescheduled LOL. We decided to do it on 24 April to celebrate 2 years of maximum Freakiness at FFH, as well as celebrate my & Kaedy's 3rd Rezday. As with previous Battles, there will be hourly contests, oversize prizes, and the best music anywhere, guaranteed.

I have a few RL commitments to deal with, so I'm only spinning the Monday 4-6 up until the 24th, if you need to get your Freak on, it has to be on a Monday! The good news is, the music keeps on rockin' with the addition of Bane Jinx to the FFH roster. She's gonna fill in for me on Friday & Saturday and has also been popping in to fill empty weekday slots. Give her a listen, she's definitely a Freak!!

I'd also like to thank Maxx for doing the DoubleDutch with Oz this past Friday and rockin' the dead again on Saturday!! We had lots of happy Freaks this past weekend, and that's a good thing!!! I'll try to keep the posting regular, and will have details about the Battle as we get closer. until then, be Freaky!!!