Sunday, July 25, 2010


We had the band [Engrama] play Freakheim for the first time this past Saturday, and all I can say is WOW!!! They're a duo based in Spain, featuring a guitar & drums, and they don't use any backing's all LIVE!! Not only are their original tunes superb, they also do a few covers and truly make them their own!! It was an amazing hour that went by all too quickly. If you missed it this past weekend, make sure you catch their set next time they play!!

Most of you know that I absolutely live for music, and I hear an average of ten new bands a week. I'm always looking for something with artistic novelty, something that absolutely melts my mind...and [Engrama] definitely did that! Superb musicianship, vocals that bordered on ethereal, and a unique sound!! I'm looking forward to having them here again as soon as I can, and I encourage you to look for them and check them out for yourself.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

No Shortage of Idiots

Whether RL or SL, there is an abundance of idiocy. The following exchange occurred recently, so let me provide some backing details. The only people involved are me and the person with whom I was disagreeing. His name has been changed, just because it was funny to do so. Ian came up with the pseudonym, and it fits.

As you've probably noticed, SL clubs come and go almost daily. Freakheim has been around over two years, and continues to grow. We have a dedicated Staff and a group of core patrons who feel at home, welcome and accepted. Of course, the primary attraction is the music, which is the number one priority, and the thing that makes Freakheim what it is.

When you decide to open a venue, the hardest thing to do is advertise and attract patrons. One way to do it as a DJ is to make the rounds of as many SL clubs as you can, put on a memorable show, and gather fans. There are hundreds of thousands of DJs in SL, but very few good ones. Freakheim has always prided itself in having only the best DJs, ones who have something to say musically and can connect with the listeners.

Some folks, however, don't feel like investing the time and effort required to build a fan base. Their way of recruiting patrons is to go into the groups they belong to and send out VIP invitations to their club. Often they will target Staff members at other clubs, since they also need to have DJs and hosts. Just such an incident happened this past Friday, and two of my Staff members received invites to a VIP group from a person they did not know. When IMed, the person stated that he had opened a club and was recruiting VIPs.

This person had been in the Freakheim VIP group for a couple of years, but has been in the club only twice that I know of. The last time was more than a year ago. I first met him when I managed another club. I hired him as a DJ, but he turned out to be a complete flake. He would agree to play a set then simply not show up. He never indicated that he had changed his mind, and I would confirm dates and times with him the day before a scheduled set. Evidently he decided that honoring this sort of personal commitment was beneath him. He was removed from the roster, and we spoke maybe once or twice over the next year. The last time he was at Freakehim, he made a point of requesting music that was off-genre for the theme, and was basically a wiseass. Frankly, I had forgotten all about him, and figured that he had left SL or rebirthed himself. The following is a transcript of an IM conversation we had when I logged in and ejected him from the group:

[17:00] MrKotShot: oooh ?
[17:01] Rykk Ferraris: You don't get to use my group to promote any other club. Period.
[17:01] MrKotShot: excuse me ?
[17:02] MrKotShot: now pls explain
[17:03] Rykk Ferraris: I had 2 people tell me you were in my Band of Freaks group promoting another venue.
[17:04] MrKotShot: nah we changed venue, i was adding VIP's
[17:04] MrKotShot: OMFG
[17:04] MrKotShot: oooh well nm
[17:05] MrKotShot: how the hell wld i use ur group ?
[17:06] MrKotShot: nm tho if ur paranoid about it
[17:06] Rykk Ferraris: Most likely by accidentally posting in the wrong window.
[17:06] MrKotShot: i have not been in ur group
[17:07] MrKotShot: i may have added ppl thet have been in same group
[17:08] MrKotShot: they were VIP's here so i re added
[17:08] MrKotShot: get over it
[17:08] Rykk Ferraris: Fuck off
[17:08] MrKotShot: u fukin dickhead LOL
[17:09] Rykk Ferraris: And damn proud of it.
[17:09] MrKotShot: good an ur shit music collection
[17:09] Rykk Ferraris: are an imbecile.....
[17:10] MrKotShot: yes with 1 million + songs
[17:10] MrKotShot: try n match it
[17:13] MrKotShot: i dunno what ur prob is really i added some ppl from an old group to a NEW one, but hey if it really upsets you, look in ur group chat
[17:15] Rykk Ferraris: My prob is people who use my group to promote themselves or another venue. If you disagree, tough. My group, my rules.
[17:16] MrKotShot: obviously u don't read too well
[17:16] MrKotShot: try spec savers
[17:17] MrKotShot: give me a date n time i was last in ur group, or do u want me to find it ?
[17:18] MrKotShot: u really need a reality check
[17:21] MrKotShot: didn't know it was a crime to add old friends to a group, but nm
[17:21] Rykk Ferraris: This is SL. Reality has no place here
[17:21] MrKotShot: OMG
[17:21] MrKotShot: u sad bastard
[17:22] Rykk Ferraris: ROFL
[17:23] MrKotShot: i guess ur ego outdoes ur music collection
[17:24] MrKotShot: sad thing is......... i considered u a friend once

An excerpt from this conversation is now immortalized on the back wall of the club. Whether you agree with his methods or not, it does show that some people are bold beyond words, and evidently have no shame. Once I had him dead-to-rights, he proceeded to personal insults and disparaging my music collection...of which he knows nothing. By this point, I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe...and he kept have to wonder, if this is how he treats those he considers friends, how does he treat his enemies? Griefer attacks?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Freaky 4th of July!!

Well, as always, we had a killer weekend, complete with live music, awesome DJs, free beer & fireworks!!! Thanks to everyone who worked this weekend, I know a lot of ya had to work around RL plans. Once again, we provided several solid hours of the BEST music in SL, and everyone had the time of their lives!

On the news front, Maxpaine Skytower had his DJ debut Thursday, he'll be kicking it off 12-2 on a regular basis. And phedre Goldshark made the jump to DJ, filling in for April & Myn this past Wednesday while both are away on vacation. phedre actually started on Tuesday with the 12-2, and will be in that slot regularly as well. phedre hasn't given up hosting, so she'll be doing that as well!!

We also have another hostie turned DJ, Ami Heninga. She's spinning the kickoff set 1-3PM on Saturdays, she really rocks!! Ami also continues to host. martina Ivanovic has brought her Symphonic/Spanish metal set to Sundays at 1PM, and it's absolutely killer!!

All in all, things are really rockin' at Freakheim!! (did you expect anything less?)