Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kelvinblue Oh passes

A great musician and great friend, Kelvinblue Oh, passed away in the early morning hours of 14 July. He was a fixture at FFH, playing monthly for over 2 years. In RL, his name was Kevin Navy and he really was "The Real Deal". Since FFH closed down, I had only been able to go hear him a few times but he was shredding the fretboard as always. The last time we talked at length, he told me he was taking a sabbatical from SL, preparing to move to Germany to be with Gwyn in RL.

Kev made it there, and resumed playing in SL, pleasing Blues fans everywhere. In fact, he played a set the day he died. Kev left us too soon, but he died happy, died doing what he enjoyed, playing the Blues. His music will go on, and I can definitely say he left his mark on the world.

They had a nice memorial for him at Blues & Brews, with DJs playing his tunes and several SL musicians doing a set. Kev touched everyone who ever heard him, and I'll miss him for sure. I never had a chance to book him into Rock U, but B&B plans to have a tribute every Sunday at 4PM, which was his regular set time. So next time you hear the Blues, think of Kev.... he's up there jamming with Jimi & SRV now.


♪ Guenevere ♪ said...

Wow such sad news. Seems a lot of good people are being taken from us too soon lately.

I will certainly miss his performances as well. He was quite the showman and a great person.

§üѹŒvÏ£¨Ðªðð¥ said...

*tips his hat and his brew*
How else can a redneck salute...

Condolences and sincerest well wishes.

The air goes silent.. if for nothing more than a Thank You.

Sundays @ 4 will remain so, as far as I am concerned.

*Tips hat and brew...
"Que le chant des anges jouer pour toi mon ami"