Sunday, February 28, 2010

Holes in Space & Time

....Or, at least, holes in the schedule. There are a few slots labeled "Fill Needed" or "OPEN", if you can grab any of those, please do. Also, keep your ears open for any DJs that would be a good fit for Freakheim. The ones we have are the best in SL, and word is getting out about us once again. The most pressing needs right now are the Tuesday slots, 2-4 needs a fill (possibly long term), and 4-6 is permanently open. Once we get those handled, we need a 2-4 for Fridays, preferably someone who has their own following. Also, Saturday will need some help, we have openings for 11-1 & 1-3. Most of these slots have an assigned Hostie, all we need is the music!

Traffic has been steady and increasing, in spite of the Olympics and whatever else is on the tube...I've seen a lot of new Freaks lately, and more often than not people in the club are TPing folks in...who stay because the music is the BEST!! Thanks to all of you, we're continuing to rock both the living and the dead in fine, Freaky fashion! RL has been keeping me out, but I'm still doing my 3 FFH sets and of course I'm always hunting down new music.

Kaedy's done some more decorating outside, we have a nice little area to hang out between sets or whatever. We will probably have more live bands out on the lawn in the future, just for the fun of it! I don't have anyone on the schedule as of yet, but I'll be contacting booking agents this week & hopefully get the live bands lined up. If you hear a band you'd like me to book at FFH, let me know!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And the Flakes keep falling...

You know it takes something extraordinary for me to post more than once a week or so. No, it's not still snowing in Atlanta. The flakes I refer to are people who lack the common courtesy of telling me they are no longer going to be working for me. I understand RL, and often SL, hits us upside the head with all sorts of unexpected ugliness. I don't need a reason, or an excuse, or any more information you're not willing to share. I do, however, expect you to act like a professional. That means an IM or email stating that you will no longer be part of the Freakheim Staff. Just dropping the Groups and disappearing is juvenile. I don't care what tragedy, or most likely self-induced drama, has befallen you.

I have had two people do this this week, or at least I found out about it this week. These two people, and those before them that pulled the same stunt, will never work in one of my venues again. Ever. SL may be a "game", but when you make a commitment, you stand by it. If you can no longer meet that obligation, or no longer wish to, the professional thing to do is make that fact known.

That being said, this rant does not include those who took the approximately 30 seconds to let me or a manager know that they would be unable to work. I am very understanding, and all excuses are good excuses. I understand the need for occasional extended absences, household emergencies, illness, what have you. Hell, I know DJ burnout all too well. Freakheim has outlasted 90% of the clubs in SL because I will not compromise my mission to bring folks the best music on the planet.I also run it as a professional operation, where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. In most cases, this respect is reciprocated. To those of you who chose to disrespect me, the Staff, my time, money & vision....Karmic backlash is a motherfucker.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

4-Day Party Weekend!!!!

WOW!!! This past weekend was a 4-Day party extravaganza! My RL birthday was Thursday, and I logged in to a party at Freakheim, a nice surprise and just what I needed after a long day. Friday was full of its usual Freakiness, I decided to do an International set in honor of the Olympics, and we had a "colors" contest with some amazing outfits! Saturday started out like any other day, Zaza took the 1PM and then Oz at 3, I was busy in RL and logged in about 45 min before Oz ended, and Rhyanna had booked the RAILS to play another party for me!! It was definitely a surprise of the good kind, and we got to keep the tradition of the RAILS being the first band to play any venue I've ever had. They are one of the longest-lasting bands in SL and I love to hear them as often as I can! We also broke in the front lawn of the place, there's something totally rockin' about a bonfire at a kegger and the fire inspector won't let me do that indoors LOL!

I followed the RAILS set with a special Anti-Valentine's Shred full of all those songs about broken hearts, cheating lovers & suicide (no, I didn't play any Country). We kept the party going outside, and folks dressed in black & grey and we had a perfectly gloomy evening! Sunday was unusually quiet until Guen rocked out with a set of Love/Hate that put a Freaky spin on Valentine's Day itself. Keep an eye out for notices this week, we have RL attacking some folks so sets will change a bit. As usual, the best music in SL will be at Freakheim!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Freaks have a new home!!!

Yep, unlike RL, things in SL can move pretty damn quickly!! Only a week after setting up in the Graveyard, the Club itself is back in operation at our new home!! wooHoo!! Make sure you check Notices for the new LM, or stop by the Graveyard & grab one. I broke the place in Saturday night with an extended Shred, the last half hour of which was all "Freak" tunes!! We had Freaky cheerleaders in abundance and their pics are up on the wall for all to see. Come by & check out the landscaping Kaedy did in record time, and enjoy our new home!! We even have a waterfall in case ya need a bath!!