Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dress-up Saturday

We decided to shake things up a bit at Freakheim this weekend. Since the skimpiest costumes imaginable are the norm...and way smexxxy too...we wanted to see what all of ya looked like all dressed up. The evening started out with a formal Masquerade Ball, and the outfits were stunning! Even my bro-in-law Xen ditched his famous tube sox for a dashing tux!!

The one & only Oz provided a memorable soundtrack to the evening, and was absolutely dressed to the nines!
The fair lady Guenevere lived up to her "Gorgeous Guen" moniker and carried on the purple & black theme...they were quite the couple!
In order to avoid folks having to change between events, I carried on with a Gothic Formal event. The tunes were wild as usual, and heavy on the Gothic Metal. Some people did change outfits, others simply removed their masks, and everyone seemed to have a blast!! I was able to TP in a couple folks who don't normally make the Freakheim sets, it was good to have new faces at the Funeral Home!
I had a long day Saturday, starting with the aforementioned SL5B set at 8AM, the Shred from 5-7, and Sanctuary Rock fill from 8-10PM. Between those sets I was catching as much music as I could, shuttling between friends' sets at SL5B and various clubs. There were a few of you who also were at every set I played Saturday...thanks so much!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate it when you come, and am glad you let me rock your 2L!! I hope my sets never get boring or predictable, I strive to put on a unique, kickass show every time I fire up SAM. We have a wild Saturday planned for next week as well at Freakheim, so tell your friends where the best party in 2L is and TP them down!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well, I brought True Metal to SL5B........and at one point had 5 on my Thrash Chim!! Started out on a tear and never did let up.......musically.

Unfortunately, it was a typical weekend in SL...crashadelic. I had a decent crowd for such an early set, I absolutely love ya my Freaks!!! Trouble was, every time more than 10 people showed up, the damn sim crashed. 5 times in a 2-hour set.....FFS, that's plain ridiculous!!! And it wasn't just my sim, the whole SL5B kept crashing, and crashing, and crashing.....would have been funny if not so sad. To those of you who kept coming back again and again.....thank you SO much....I'm here to rock your 2L.....come by Freakheim later on for more kickass tuneage without the PG limitations. I was SO tempted to play Biohazard's "Fuck the Rules" after the 4th crash. But I didn't. I played by the rules. It's a shame that the "organizers" didn't.

First off, I'd like to thank the folks that worked their asses off to organize the DJs...Chel Norfolk, JewelKicker Spearman, and others whose names I don't know. Awesome job getting the schedules worked out & dealing with all the crazy questions in the chat.

What pisses me off is that appearing at SL5B was supposed to allow the DJs to introduce themselves to a new audience and give them much needed exposure. Turns out that the DJs were responsible for bringing in their own crowd. I'm very fortunate to have a huge fan base, some of whom are on at any given hour. But what about those who don't? Just like the majority of club owners, the SL5B operation did nothing to direct people to the DJ sets. Look folks, we're professional entertainers just like the live musicians. We play for twice as long, and spend just as much or even more on music, equipment, computers and so forth. So why the fuck are we treated as expendable?

The Rock/Metal venue was smaller than the other two DJ venues, even though the Rock DJs were the largest group. And, unlike the venues for live musicians, the stream was only heard within 10m of the gazebo--not across the whole parcel. If folks could have been anywhere in the immediate area and heard the set, maybe they would've come on in. But then that would have crashed the sim. Can't win for losing. Makes me wonder if the "music industry" is in cahoots with the organizers....keep the good music away from people who may actually LIKE music with a melody & turn their back on that hiphop & pop crap peddled these days.

Some dumbass decided to put the rockers out in the sticks to fend for be it. We're everywhere....and will continue to turn the amps up to 13...Metal will never die!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Metallic 80s Tonight!! 4-6PM

I've brought my metallic view of the 80s to Freakheim...and to celebrate we're giving away L$250 for the Best in Metal & Spikes! Come on out and hear what I listened to in the 80s....Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Metallica, Judas Priest, Ozzy, and just about every Aqua-Net abusing band out there!! Bring your requests & I'll slide 'em in for ya!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Crazy Saturday at Freakheim!!

This past Saturday started out with Freakheim being converted into a hospital..complete with surgery tables, exam chairs, drugs, and even an MRI machine!! Patrons came dressed as doctors, nurses & patients, and took advantage of the interactive medical equipment. Oz rocked the place with a set where every band or song title had to contain a body part and everyone had a blast!

Kaedy and Rawenna were the naughty nurses on staff, Oz looked official in his lab coat, and I was in scrubs, looking for anyone who needed blood drawn. We even had a body part avatar on the floor, as Damian changed into his dick wouldn't do it justice, you just have to see it in person! Fuckin hilarious!! I was having so much fun I had to rush when it was time for my set!

By suggestion of a Freak, my set was a Spankfest!! Smacks filled the air, and sore bottoms were in abundance. I love it when I can bring out the spanko in folks.... the music was wild & crazy, and I was able to find & play everything requested. A good friend I hadn't seen in a while stopped in for the set, it was great to see her!! Only a couple folks dared try the spanking machine, and nobody was brave enough for the interactive couch....we'll have to work on that for next time!! The pic below is of the winner of the "Most Spankable" contest......and I couldn't agree more!!

Starting next Saturday, the Saturday Shred will be shortened to 2 hours, 5-7PM SLT. The 3-hour set allows for more killer tunes, but it's a long time to stay in one place in SL. The whole idea is for the patrons to have fun, and participate in the contests, so hopefully with a shorter set we'll have greater participation, especially from those who don't get on the board because they know they can't stay till 8PM. Make sure you tell your friends that Freakheim is the place to be on Saturdays....definitely the rockinest 4 hours anywhere inworld!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Metallic 80s Comes to Freakheim!!!

For the past few months I've been doing a Metallic view of the 80s at Club Rockaway. Yes, there was true Metal in the 80s...I was there...bangin my head on the stage and making a $3000 guitar sound like a cat in a blender. Well, I've decided to move that set here to PG rating, anyfuckinthing goes!!!! Now I can play the live G-n-R & Metallica and all the other kickass tunes you request!! Come on down to Freakheim for a flashback!! 4-6PM Thursdays!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Killer Saturday at Freakheim

Saturday's festivities started out with a live concert featuring the "Basstastic Perversions" of Dolmere Talamasca. This set seriously kicked ass, if you missed it, stay tuned for the next one! His stage set perfectly complemented the club, and the music was otherworldly!!

Following Dolmere, I subbed for the vacationing Oz and spun the sounds for the Tinies event. There was a wide range of avies present, and Dolmere even suited up and hung around!

Since I was doing the Tinies event, I shortened the Shred to 5-7 and had a Fantasy theme. The killer tunes kept rolling, and the costumes were even wilder than before!! Thanks to the recent "upgrade", there were attachment issues, and only about half the crowd could see my hair. After rebaking, relogging, and repeating, I said the hell with it. Eventually, my hair appeared for everyone and the set ended on a high note. Didn't really get any good pix, since all my free time was spent trying to remedy the attachment issues and fetching tunes. I'm booked every day this coming week, so if ya get a chance come on out & hear me!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday Rocked the House!!

This past Saturday's entertainment started off with a live set from the UK's own Blindboy Gumbo! He spent the whole set doing requests, and had the place jumping!! Look for a return engagement in the near future, you have to hear him!!

Next was Ozark's set...we decided to have a beach/pool party!!! The place was crawling with scantily dressed women, including Freakheim's own Electric Emmons!! For some reason, there was a shortage of guys in attendance, but that just meant more ladies for me & Oz!!

The Saturday Shred this week was themed "Under the Covers", with a full set of cover tunes that lasted well over 3 hours!! The contest was Best in Sleepwear, and it continued the scantily clad theme!! I tell ya, no better way to spend Saturday night than with a bunch of Rockin', barely dressed women!!

The theme for next week's Shred is "Raining Blood", with a prize for best Vampire attire...make sure you bring your fangs, Freakheim is sure to be drenched in blood!!!